A junkie, Windstorm was at some point found near-to-death in an alley of an unnamed city by the mutant Israel Super-Agent Sabra, who uses her powers to relive her, granting to her part of her powers and also her specific powers of controlling winds.

Contrary to Sabra's hopes, Windstorm did not joined her cause of protecting Israel, but instead blamed her savior for her help, claiming she wanted to die, and developed a violent hatred for both Sabra and Israel. She joined the Israelis for Anarchy, a five-members terrorist and anarchy group wanting to overthrown Israel, and take their lead.

At some point, they assaulted a kibbutz for Windstorm to attract and kill Sabra, killing a teacher and taking as hostage the deaf son of an American ambassador. They were soon surrounded by Israeli soldiers who intended to charge, before being ordered to stand back by Sabra who joined them.

She infiltrated the kibbutz and defeat Windstorm's five teammates, but wasn't able to stop her from blasting the roof who fall on the deaf boy. Sabra so engaged her enemy and, as the terrorist claimed that life had no means to her, took back her life-energy and powers, leaving Windstorm in the state she was when she was dying, asking finally for help. This energy was immediately used on the ambassador's son.


None. Windstorm claimed to have acquired half of Sabra, but was later depowered by her benefactor. Her former powers seemingly included:

Former powers

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability

The life-energy transfer also granted to Windstorm a specific power:

  • Aerokinesis: Windstorm claimed to possess the power of controlling the "gale force winds of the desert". She demonstrated her powers by performing air blasts attacks.

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