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Origin and Early Years

The Wings of Needless Sorrow were created by the Old Ones before Man arose on Earth.[2]

They were accursed when Lemuria was still young.[6]

Modern Age

The Old Ones Freed Upon Earth

Not pure enough anymore to wield the Eye of Agamotto; Doctor Strange put in it the care of Rintrah,[1] and donned the Needless Wings of Sorrow.[7] For this, he was mocked by Erlik Khan.[6]

Afterwards, Strange kept the Wings of Needless Sorrow in the Sanctum Sanctorum.[2][8]

Thanos' Invasion of Earth

During the invasion of Earth by Thanos and his forces, Ebony Maw of the Black Order infiltrated Strange's mind, and had him wear and feed the Wings of Needless Sorrow, while being in an illusion of himself being at peace in the Fields of Enlightenment (Kaalu tried to reach Strange, but was unable to). Strange and Ebony Maw finally appeared in New York City with the Wings, and enabled Shuma-Gorath's manifestation.[4]


Their purpose seems to be the efficient absorption and redirection of various energies.

On the downside, close proximity to the Wings seems to cause feelings of sadness, insecurity,[3] and feeling that nothing matters.[1]
Extensive periods of exposure can lead to despair, suicide,[3] and senseless acts, such as unmotivated slaughters of loved ones.[1]

On one occasion, Ebony Maw made Doctor Strange wear and feed the Wings, enabling Shuma-Gorath's manifestation.[4]

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