Quote1 Hrrk! Wink -- no. I took you from your planet. Brought you all over the galaxy. You were nothing before I found you, Wink, nothing. What will you be without me?! Quote2
-- Caber src

Wink is a massive alien who was taken from their home planet by Caber. The Tuatha de Danaan broke Wink's wings and forced them into slavery as a cook on the planet Duyna.

When the Earo and Mahia were captured by Duynans loyal to Caber, the pair were given to Wink as ingredients for the next meal; however, they instead convinced Wink to join the Space Knights and rebel against Caber, who was then throw off a cliff as Wink declared themselves free.[1]

Wink was later present when the Space Knights encountered Iqa, Hilla, Pik, and Tarna on Wenb.[2] His wings restored, he accompanied the Space Knights to Earth, where he helped defeat the demons summoned by Andrea Benton.[3]

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