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Winston was a cyborg, personal assistant to Alchemax's Vice President Tyler Stone.[1]

He was ordered by Stone to assemble a Public Eye squad to hunt down Spider-Man.[2] Winston later witnessed Stone welcoming Dana D'Angelo when she came to Alchemax looking for Miguel.[3] He then handed Tyler Stone the cremated body of his son.[4] He was ordered to bring him his car after Tyler visited Dana D'Angelo.[5]

When Miguel O'Hara became the new Vice President after Tyler had been shot by Conchata O'Hara,[6] Winston became his assistant; he was murdered in cold blood by Venom while he was searching information about the Heroic Age Venom.[7]

After the temporal disturbances caused by the Age of Ultron disrupted the timeline of Earth-928, Winston was seen with Tyler Stone at the Alchemax Building when Spider-Man arrived in the 2099 A.D. searching for a laboratory to analyse the Inheritors' cloning process.[8]

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