Winston Hobbes was a young mutant whose physical mutation was extraordinarily severe, making him look like a humanoid worm. He was incapable of human speech and sensitive to light. When he was four years old, his parents dropped him off at a home for the genetically disabled, since they were unable to care for him. Winston never recovered from losing them, and as he grew he became increasingly violent.

When he was sixteen, he escaped from the home and set up a nest in the subway tunnels where his parents had lived. Unbeknownst to him however, his parents had left the tunnels and had another child. Hobbes was desperate to find his parents, but was unable to venture into the city, due to the neon lights active 24/7. While underground, Hobbes attempted to keep some form of ordinary existence, but also engaged in cannibalism.

When Melek of the Tunnel Rats set off a bomb disabling the power in the city in retaliation for the city's raids on his underground settlements, Hobbes seized his chance to venture to the surface. He went back to the home where he had been left and went through their records, learning that his old caseworker Millicent had recommended to his parents that they not take him back when they got on their feet. Enraged, Hobbes sought her out and killed her.

Hobbes later went to find his parents, locating their new home. His parents had been evacuated by the police however. The police attempted to accost him, but Officer Izzy Ortega was unable to bring himself to shoot Hobbes, allowing him the chance to escape.

Hobbes returned underground, and encountered Melek and his band of Tunnel Rats, who had ventured deeper underground to escape the authorities. Hobbes killed all of them, except for Melek, who was saved by Officer Ortega and Bishop.

Hobbes was then killed by Ortega to save Bishop.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Darkness-Adapted Vision
  • Venomous Bite
  • Venom Spit: the ability to spit venom.
  • Sharp Claws
  • Soil Digestion: Winston had the ability to digest soil.

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