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A Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hype type character who had discovered chemical formulas that could either surpress or enhance man's natural aggression. He decided to test the good formula on himself but accidently took the evil one, turning him into DePrayve. He then went on a frenzy of mayhem and destruction in the city.

Jack Russell and his friend Buck Cohen went to Dr. Redditch's home, believing that his formula for good may have helped Jack reverse his curse of the Werewolf. The Werewolf, however, ended up fighting DePrayve instead[1]. After the pair were nearly captured by police, they continued their fight until the effects of the chemical wore off and DePrayve once again transformed into Dr. Redditch. The Werewolf had no interest in the passed out man and left. Dr. Redditch spent the next month recuperating from his injuries in hospital and agreed to help Jack try to reverse his lycantrophy. The potion, however, did not work and he once again became the Werewolf at the site of the full moon.

The Hangman kidnapped Redditch from the hospital and took him to his liar to kill him, believing that the evil of DePrayve was too great to be allowed to remain in this world. Before the Hangman could kill him, however, he was attacked by the Werewolf who tracked his scent. While the two battled, Redditch again transformed into DePrayve and joined the fight before running off into the night to again cause chaos. Later that night, he again returned to the form of Dr. Redditch, who vowed to never again touch the serum which he spent so many years developing.

Powers and Abilities


When enraged, DePrayve possesses a degree of superhuman strength. His durability was also enhanced to the point where he could withstand punches from both the Werewolf and the Hangman, but he was still susceptible to gunshots and bladed weapons.


Dr. Redditch is a brilliant scientist


Dr. Redditch has no control over his counterpart, DePrayve, who only seeks to cause destruction and to spread evil.


Enemy of the Werewolf By Night

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