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The Winter Guard are a group of Russian superheroes that work for the Russian Central Command the Russian of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Its members consist of Red Guardian, Darkstar, Crimson Dynamo, Ursa Major, and the Russian Radioactive Man. At some point Radioactive Man was kidnapped by Hydra to be used as a power source battery, the Winter Guard secretly went against their superiors to save him.

Winter Guard (Earth-12041) from Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 2 17 001.png

Crimson Dynamo had obtained a key to a capsule that had imprisoned Radioactive Man and had to evade Captain America's group and Power Princess in order to get to the Winter Guard. During the fight between Captain America's group and the Winter Guard, the Russian facility they were in started to become destabilized causing both groups to work together to keep it from destroying a nearby village. Crimson Dynamo and Falcon freed Radioactive Man who dissolved the facility. When it was commented by Falcon how a bunch of villains helped save the nearby village, Red Guardian is the one who told Captain America's group that the Winter Guard are Russia's superhero team and work for their.

The two groups have left in good terms, although the encounter has left Captain America and his teammates very disgruntled at Nick Fury for not telling the truth of Winter Guard's purpose.[1]



Red Guardian's shield, Crimson Dynamo's armor


Crimson Dynamo's repulsor and heavy weaponry

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