Quote1.png You see that robot arm he had? Imagine what I could do with one of those babies. Quote2.png
-- Bucky src


This bionic arm was originally developed by Department X with schematics for robotic appendages stolen from MI-6. The very first prototype was used to replace Bucky Barnes's lost arm, giving Department X the clearance to begin working on the Winter Soldier Project.[1]


The bionic arm is capable of accomplishing various feats, including:

  • Superhuman Strength: The Bionic arm grants a degree of superhuman strength.[2] It is possible that the arm can lift a vehicle with considerable effort.
  • Extended Reach: The Bionic arm can reach at long distance of at least several yards.[2]
  • Cybernetic Defense
  • Stabilization Sensors
  • Palm Sensors
  • Sensory Array
  • Electrical Discharge
  • Electromagnetic Pulse

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