Quote1.png All right, kids. Now vanish... before S.H.I.E.L.D. and Miss Marvel show up to remind you what a bunch of pansies Hydra really is. Quote2.png
-- Winter Soldier

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Synopsis for "Winter Kills"

Bucky experiences his first Christmas since 1944, but is interrupted when Nick Fury asks him to intervene in a planned assault by the Young Avengers. The YA think they're about to raid one of Stark's labs, but they've stumbled upon a Hydra base. As Bucky tries to reason with them, they are discovered and he's forced to engage the enemy. He leads the YA and they defeat Hydra and burn down the HQ. Bucky departs, but is followed by the youngsters who catch up with him at Jack Munroe's grave (where Bucky was apologizing for having killed him). They pay their respects, and Bucky departs for a rendezvous with Namor at Toro's grave. Namor greets Bucky, who asks him to recount how Toro died.


  • Winter Soldier visits Jack Monroe's grave and apologizes for killing him when his memory was still fractured.
  • Visits Toro's grave and pays his respects. Asks Namor to tell him how Toro died.

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