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Synopsis for "Longest Winter, Part 2"

Bucky and Natasha take cover from a talking gorilla firing a .50 caliber machine gun. Bucky throws a smoke grenade for cover, and tells Natasha to take the rooftop. While she cleans out dozens of men, he is knocked almost to the point of unconsciousness by the gorilla. Instead of going in for the kill, the gorilla takes off with a jet-pack. Jasper Sitwell contacts the two and orders them to get to their extraction point, as things "just got a little more complicated." In the Situation Room, Jasper informs Bucky and Natasha that somebody attempted a hit on Doctor Doom at 0800 outside the Latverian Embassy in Manhattan. An image from security in the building across the street shows the shooter taking down a Doombot. His face is recognized by Bucky, who reveals that it is Arkady, one of the three men chosen for the Zephyr Procedure. (From the previous issue, Winter Soldier Vol 1 1, we know that Arkady has been sent by former Latverian Prime Minister Madame Lucia Von Bardas and the Red Ghost, Ivan Kragoff). In Bucky's flashback, we find out that the other two agents are called Leo and Dmitri. Jasper, Bucky and Natasha start piecing everything together, but still wonder why anyone would want to kill Doom. They conclude that whoever sent the Zephyr Agent was trying to anger Doom, not kill him. Somewhere in New York City, Kragoff wakes Dmitri. In Prague, an eye-patched man breaks into a building. Holding a man named Milos at gunpoint, he demands Milos to tell him where and when his group's next auction is. Bucky and Natasha go on an infiltration mission, which takes place at Bad Juju Acquisitions Group in Chicago, where high-tech items like the Mandriod Armour and Pym-Particle Prototype are being sold at auction illegally. The two break up the auction, and Bucky gets hold of the target, the auctioneer. He asks whom the Red Ghost was with when he bought the activation codes for the Sleeper Agents of the Zephyr Procedure. The auctioneer replies that Kragoff was with no-one, but seemed to have something against Latveria due to what else he had bid on. Elsewhere, Arkady is with Lucia Von Bardas. In their possession is a dormant Doombot.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Bucky and Black Widow on the hunt for men trained by the Winter Soldier himself!
  • Who is trying to kill Dr. Doom?
  • Also featuring - talking gorillas! Yeah, you heard me.

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