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Winzeldorf is a small village located in the Bavarian Alps, Southern Germany (see notes). It consists of a small church which is located on a mountain above the village, and timbered houses which are built in typical Bavarian fashion. The village is surrounded by high, snow-peaked mountains and dense woods. A fountain with a bird- or angel-like statue marks the central market square. The city is famous for hosting a seasonal circus.[citation needed]


The origin and history of Winzeldorf is unknown. In recent history, the mass-murdering of several village children by Stephan Szardos, a member of the local circus Herr Getmann's Traveling Menagerie, upset the population and led to the witchhunt for Kurt Wagner, Szardos' foster brother, who was suspected to have committed the murders and killing his brother. A mob, armed with pitchforks, hunted Wagner down and tried to burn him on a stake. In the nick of time, he was saved by Charles Xavier and taken to the United States.[1]

Winzeldorf after the destruction of the circus

Many years later, the circus was destroyed by the Hive in an attempt to find the Soulsword.

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  • Winzeldorf seasonal Circus



  • The exact location of Winzeldorf is somewhat problematic and contradictory. The city is supposed to be located in the federal state of Bavaria somewhere in the Alps. Throughout the different comic issues dealing with Winzeldorf, it is always referred to as being a typical Bavarian village and Nightcrawler is supposed to be a Bavarian. In Nightcrawler (Volume 3), Kurt Wagner and Wolverine are hiking through the Black Forest in order to seek out Nightcrawler's former circus in Winzeldorf. During this trip, Kurt Wagner refers to the deep woods of the Black Forest as his home where he spent his childhood and Winzeldorf is considered to be hidden "within the mountains of the Black Forest". The same is true for Excalibur #-1 where Winzeldorf is located "deep in the Black Forest".
    • In fact, the Black Forest is an entirely different geographic region than the Alps and not even located in the federal state of Bavaria, but in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Both the Alps and the Black Forest are mountainous regions, but they belong to different parts of Germany. In addition, inhabitants of the Black Forest don't speak with a Bavarian but with a Badian accent.


  • "Dorf" means "small village" in German.

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