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Pete Wisdom

Appearing in "The Day the Fairies Came Out"

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  • MI13 Helicopter

Synopsis for "The Day the Fairies Came Out"

Fairy attacks across the country suggest a clandestine war on the British people, and Oberon has snatched from the crib a Cabinet minister’s child. The Joint Intelligence Committee blames the disorder of Otherworld government, and intends to send a team to Avalon, ‘England’s Dreaming’ – Military Intelligence, Section 13, and its lone senior officer, Pete Wisdom. MI-13’s existing operatives are the rogue punk Fairy Tink, John the Skrull, an alien invader in the form of a pop star and “Rambling” Sid Ridley, the aging Super-Soldier known as Captain Midlands. Joining the rag-tag agents of MI-13 is the Clairsentient Maureen Raven. With the assist of MI-13’s Quartermaster, O, the team gear up and launch the mission by helicopter from MI-13’s Occult Launch building.

The cynical Wisdom is unimpressed with the medieval nature of Avalon, believing it to be the thing holding back British development, but the naïve Maureen is enraptured. Meanwhile, MI-6 agents Sir Clive Reston and Jack Tarr meet with Sir Mortimer Grimsdale and discuss organisational changes. With the promotion of Alistaire Stuart to MI6, Wisdom is now at the head of MI-13, but is considered a dangerous wildcard by much of the intelligence community. MI-13 storm a fairy fort, the defences of which are subdued by Tink’s machine gun and John’s convincing Merlyn performance. The captive fairies explain that the rise in hostilities is down to Oberon’s recent madness, and while attempting to make clairsentient contact with the mind of the Fairy King, Maureen worries that she is a part of Oberon’s visions and MI-13 are magically summoned to the Fairy King’s presence.

Fearing the worst, Tink calls out to Oberon, revealing herself as his daughter. The baby Oberon stole was to be ambassador to Britain, a representative to speak for Otherworld and soothe the tension in Britain that is causing the fairies’ rampage. An incensed Wisdom threatens Oberon, who suggests instead a replacement compact, a marriage between Wisdom and Tink. Wisdom agrees, but privately has no intention of maintaining the political marriage. A week later, Maureen confides in Wisdom that she saw something terrible in Oberon’s thoughts, but he reassures her that she will likely end up saving the world. Maureen’s son Jonathan arrives, and seems to view Wisdom torn apart by vine-like tentacles.



  • Jonathan Raven is also the real name of Killraven, a freedom fighter and former gladiator whose mother was also named Maureen. Though Killraven was born in New York City (presumably the Jonathan Raven of this issue was born somewhere in England) and had a brother named Joshua.

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