Wishing Man was a member of the generational Filipino superhero team the Triumph Division.[1] All members of each generation trained their entire lives to replace their elders.[2] After the team provided the country with invaluable help during the crisis caused by a tsunami, the Triumph Division were honored with the construction of a statue in Plaza de Roma.

At the public ceremony during which the members of the Triumph Divison were commended, a group of monks broke the rope line and approached the superheroes. Being undercover suicide bombers genetically engineered by Ezekiel Stane, the monks held onto the members of the Triumph Division and charged up. Red Feather ordered Wishing Man to make them disappear, but before he could act, the monks exploded, obliterating the entire square and leaving no survivors.[1]

As the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man attended the funerals for the members of the Triumph Division. Since all members of the team possessed secret identities, the services were only attended by their immediate families.[1] Not long afterwards, the late members of the team were succeeded by their relatives, which included the appointment of a new Wishing Man.[3]


Wish Fulfillment: Wishing Man appeared to possess the ability to wish things into becoming reality.[4]

  • Since the mantles of the heroes of the Triumph Division are generational and run back centuries,[2] the numeric distinctive in this article's title is only meant to indicate that this character is the first Wishing Man to appear in the comics, not that he's the first person to use the alias in-universe.

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