In the past

During an unidentified medieval-like era, a soldier was given orders by his king to wipe out an area from alleged rebels, who were in fact harmless nomads and included a witch-woman, worshiper of Shub-Niggurath.

Cursing the soldier

After slaughtering the nomads (who resisted with savagery), the soldiers brought to their leader the witch-woman, who cursed him and his descendants on her mistress Shub Niggurath's name. The soldier stole her medallion and killed her. After he had his men to burn the corpses to erase evidence of the error, he spontaneously burned up, proof of the curse upon him.

Modern Age

For generations, the soldier's descendants came back to the plateau, where they disappeared, generating a mystery that haunted his family, and prompting the sons to return and search for clues of their father's fate. Jack at his turn came to the plateau with a guide, Yagar. There, he found the medallion at his turn, experienced the vision of his ancestor's crimes, and finally encountered an apparition of the witch-woman who repeated her curse. Jack's body immediately exploded and turned to dust.[1]

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