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Synopsis for "Bloody Wedding"

Pezzini and Wolverine, whom Sara was remembering as "Scott," were married in Las Vegas. As they left the chapel, Wolverine felt a pain in his chest, and a spike shot out of it. He quickly healed, but before the two could figure out what was going on, they found a briefcase in their limo with at least a million dollars in it and a note wishing them happiness in their new life. At a bar, they tried to figure out what had happened and why they had lost their memories, with both subconsciously drawing pictures with their blades of Kaylie. They even called phone numbers they remembered, with Sara getting her own answering machine and Logan made contact with Sage at the Xavier Institute. Once they figured out who they were, Lebedev arrived, with Kaylie in tow. Lebedev ordered his men to kill Wolverine. He then ordered Kaylie to force Sara to jump from a ledge, but Wolverine recovered from the gunshot wounds and saved her. The two took down most of Lebedev's men and Sara reclaimed the Witchblade from Kaylie. Wolverine killed Lebedev and Kaylie was placed under observation. Afterwards, Logan and Pezzini decided they may really be in love after all.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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