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Satana Hellstrom

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Synopsis for "The Gathering"

Andy Kale begins working at the New York Public Library for an archivist named Lou. Lou shows Andy a special vault containing rare occult tomes, and warns him extensively about misusing them. Andy inspects one old book known as the Tome of Zhered-Na and unwittingly unleashes a demon.

Across town at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Stephen Strange experiences a powerful mystic backlash as he suddenly becomes aware of the fact that the tome has been activated. Other psychics and magic-users across the world feel it too. Dr. Strange knows that the book is bound to the Kale family and that only a member of the Kale bloodline can open it. As such, it stands to reason that only a Kale can seal it. Dr. Strange embarks upon a mission to gather three powerful witches to aid him in his new mission.

His first recruit is his former student, Topaz. His second recruit is Jennifer Kale. Jennifer proves to be more problematic than the passive Topaz, but commits herself to the mission when she discovers that her younger brother is involved. Strange tells Jennifer and Topaz that a powerful demon known as the Hellphyr has breached the dimensional plane between Earth and the netherworld and must be stopped. Returning to his sanctum, Strange calls upon his third and final recruit, the daughter of the devil – Satana.


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