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The Witches of Endor were a group of alleged witches that existed around the year 50,000 BC. If they actually had any magical abilities remains unrevealed. They lived in the Valley of the Mist near the kingdom of Atlantis. They relied on the sleep-inducing properties of the valley's mists to capture people. When Princess Eve of Atlantis was exiled by her evil uncle, she was captured by the Witches who intended to mutilate her face and force her to become one of their number.

Before doing so, they also captured the prehistoric adventurers Tuk and Tanir who had succumbed to the valley's mists. Reviving, the two fought the witches and saved Eve before she could be harmed.[1]



The Witches had knives and also had some kind of chemical to make people look as hideous as they were; what exactly it was remains unrevealed.


  • Named after the Biblical witch of Endor consulted by King Solomon (1 Samuel 28:3–25).
  • In the 1960s, the TV show Bewitched had a heroine (Samantha Stephens) whose mother was a witch named Endora.

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