The Witness gathered a group of young mutant and refugees in defiance of the Chronomancer's rule. He trained the mutant "M-Faces" as thieves and highwaymen, stealing from Fitzroy's elite to feed the innocent.[1]

When Bishop arrived from the past, the Witness explained to him the nature of his time travel, which had taken him to a timeline he hadn't visited before. Bishop confronted the Witness about being the LeBeau from his future, or his teammate Gambit from the present, but the Witness would not give him a straight answer.[2]

Fitzroy's Chronotroopers attacked the camp, killing the people under the Witness's protection. He sent Link away to safety before using his bio-kinetic powers and seemingly dying in the explosion.[3]

The Witness returned later, allied with Samarra Shaw and her Clan Hellfire. They brought Bishop before a Sentinel named Gol-19, who had been programmed to deliver the final message from Logan and Ororo to another X-Man when he found one. When Bishop questioned the Witness why he didn't accept the message himself, the Witness again disseminated without a clear answer.[4]

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