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The ID Machine was a device created by the Wizard, a criminal genius who led the Frightful Four. The device allowed him to drastically change the personalities of those attached to the machine.


Original ID Machine

The first version of the ID Machine was a device that was clamped on the head of the intended victim and changed their personality. The Wizard first used this on the Thing during a period in which he was estranged from his teammates in the Fantastic Four. The device was a success and the Thing was mad evil, completely loyal to the Wizard, and could be put to sleep by command. [1] When the Fantastic Four were captured and broke free, the Invisible Girl sabotaged the device and they fled with the thing. [2] The Frightful Four captured the Human Torch and tried to use the ID Machine on him, but because it was sabotaged, the Torch only pretended to side with the Frightful Four. Later Mister Fantastic developed a cure for the ID Machine's effects, curing the Thing. They later defeated the Frightful Four. [3]

Second ID Machine

Second ID Machine. [4]

The Wizard developed a new version of the ID Machine that could fire a ray that would enthrall his victims instead of needing to be attached to them. However the device needed to be powered by Quadranium-99, a rare element that was in a NATO facility in Paris. In order to obtain it, he tricked his former teammate Medusa to help him steal it falsely promising to use it to grant her lover Black Bolt the ability to talk. However, Medusa soon learned the truth and prevented the Quadranium-99 from falling into the Wizard's hands. This version of the device was abandoned before it could be determined if it would work or not. [5]

Years later, the Wizard attempted to use the original ID Machine on the Thing again, this attempt failed as the Thing was now immune to the effects of the machine. [6]

Third ID Machine

Third ID Machine[7]

When the Wizard learned that his former teammate the Sandman had renounced a life of crime and had reformed, he built yet another version of the ID Machine. He then incapacitated the Sandman and brought him back to the lab. This device succeeded in returning the Sandman to a life of crime. The Wizard has claimed that this time the machine was more powerful than before and the process those who undergo it are permanent. [8] Although the process was not perfect, the Sandman ultimately shed his "good" personality, [9] and the so far to date the Wizard's claim have yet to true.

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