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The Wonder Gloves were weaponized gauntlets created by the criminal scientist known as the Wizard to use against his foes the Fantastic Four. They enhanced the Wizard's strength so he could smash an anvil with a single blow. They were also armed with various devices and weapons, such as an energy blaster, a typhoon-sphere launcher, and defensive capabilities like a force field projector. [1] They also had a setting that allowed them to emit radiation. [2]


Original Pair

The original pair were constructed during one of the Wizard's releases from jail early on in his criminal career. With them he attacked the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building headquarters. He had gained the upper hand against the FF as the Invisible Girl was on maternity leave and Mister Fantastic had succeeded in restoring the Thing back to human form. Despite these setbacks, the Fantastic Four were able to defeat the Wizard and turn him over to the authorities, his Wonder Gloves were also confiscated in the aftermath. [1] Now in his human form, Ben Grimm brought the Wonder Gloves with him for protection when he went on a date with his longtime girlfriend Alicia Masters. However the gloves some how emitted a signal that reactivated the Mad Thinker's Android Man construct and it attacked Ben at the restaurant. With Alicia in danger, Ben used the Wonder Gloves to transform himself back into the Thing. Back in his monstrous form, Ben tossed the Wonder Gloves aside. [2]

Second Pair

The Wizard created a second pair of Wonder Gloves shortly thereafter and used them to destroy the original pair which were still in the Fantastic Four's custody. Although he made his new Wonder Gloves more powerful than the last pair, the Wizard was unprepared for the addition of Crystal to the ranks of the Fantastic Four and fled the scene. [3] The Wizard appears to have consistently used variations of his Wonder Gloves since then.

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