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Synopsis for "No Escape"

Bruce Banner has fled to an abandoned amusement park outside of Las Vegas. Bruce's mind thinks about how his wife, Betty Ross, is dead. This causes him to recall the first time he attempted to marry her and how the wedding was interrupted when the Rhino attacked. He never got away from the Hulk since, suddenly there is an explosion as Banner is attacked by a man in a suit of high-tech armor. This triggers a transformation into the Hulk, who is confused as to how he got here. Smashing the visor of his attacker's suit, the Hulk is shocked to discover that it is his old foe the Rhino.

With his strength augmented with the high tech armor, the Rhino knocks the Hulk out of the Tunnel of Love and into the amusement park proper. While the Rhino has the upper hand to start, the Hulk ultimately manages to rip off all the armor, revealing the Rhino's traditional costume underneath. Not needing the equipment, the Rhino picks up the Hulk and tosses him into the side of a wood roller coaster, endangering a couple who are riding on it.

The Hulk beats the Rhino into submission but soon notices that the couple is in danger. The gamma-spawned brute leaves hi foe behind to take the teenagers to safety. Leaving them for the soldiers who arrive on the scene. When General Ross arrives on the scene, they have the Rhino contained but have lost track of the Hulk. Also interested in tracking the Hulk is Devlin DeAngelo, who is looking to get revenge against the Hulk and was the one responsible for sending the Rhino against him. From his stealth capable helicopter, DeAngelo vows to get the Hulk before the monster can see him coming.


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce recounts the first time he tried to marry Betty Ross and how it was interrupted by the Rhino. This happened in Incredible Hulk #124. Bruce didn't successfully marry Betty until Incredible Hulk #319.

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