Woden is the son of Thor and Sif in the alternate 31st Century of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was a troubled youth, and Thor did not fill the role of father very well. While Sif gave up adventuring for the role of homemaker, Thor could not and continued his adventuring ways. Without a father figure, the teenage Woden was a brooding bully. Sif then petitioned Odin, who forced Thor to stay home. Thor did his best to teach Woden, and the boy started to feel pride for his proud heritage. When Thor began to brood about his past, and started spending all of his time in the mead-halls, Woden was fed up and left home.

He was not to be seen again for several years until Loki, and his army of Inhumans, attacked Asgard. Thor was a bloated shadow of his former self and was no longer worthy to even wield Mjolnir, and in fact had fashioned a cheap replacement prop. Before Loki could unleash total devastation on Asgard, Woden, bearing Mjolnir, announced his return. Woden and Loki then battled, the lessons in the use of Mjolnir by Thor being put to good use. Talon, using the Amulet of Agamotto, trapped Loki and the Inhumans in a mystic bubble that was reinforced by Starhawk. Then three generations of Asgardian royalty - Odin, Thor, and Woden, sentenced Loki and his army to the Black Canyon there to remain for all time. Sometime later, a creature named Silverback, who had incredible strength, sat on Bifrost where Heimdall told him to leave, when he attacked Heimdall, Woden came upon the scene and began to fight Silverback. Woden then created a vortex and transported them to Midgard, and what was left of the Great Lakes area where they continued their battle. Woden defeated Silverback and left him on the planes of the radioactive wasteland. Woden later aided Phoenix IX in defeating Ubiquitor.


He seems to have the same powers as his father, Thor.

Strength level

Presumably the same as Thor.



  • Apparently, Woden was the first to be worthy and pick up Mjolnir since his father Thor was forced to abandon it after having done something that made him unworthy. Presumably this something similar to what the original Thor did in killing Jake Olson.

The Sons and Daughters of Thor

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