Vârcolac, Wolf Lord of the Wolf Men,[6] spawn of the Elder God Chthon, was an ancient Wolf God/Demon. He mated with Echidna, spawn of Set, and sired Angerboda, a shapeshifting giantess.

Angerboda herself mated with shapeshifting Frost Giant Loki, bearing the Fenris Wolf (among other monsters).[3] It is believed that it is because both parents are shapeshifters that their children came out thus, their form corresponding to the form of their parents during their intercourses.[7]

The Fenris Wolf at its turn became the father of the Wolf Gods.[3]





The Fenris Wolf, father of the Wolf Gods, is alternatively listed as a Wolf-God himself,[5] or apart from them.[1][3] His son Hoarfen is himself listed apart from the Wolf Gods.[3][1]

Vârcolac, spawn of the Elder God Chthon and grandfather to the Fenris Wolf, was an ancient Wolf God/Demon.[3]


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