The Wolf Men of Valusia were a feral, shape-changing race, created by Chthon[2] or (more often stated as such) by his spawn Vârcolac at the dawn of mankind.[5] They are considered as Chthon most infamous success among the races he created.

The Wolf Lords, including Vârcolac, became involved in the legends of humanity.[2]



Chthon created the Wolf Men of Valusia, or more exactly his spawn the Wolf God/Demon Vârcolac who spawned them..[2]

The Wolf Lords

The Wolf Men were among the masters of the world,[6] and the Wolf Lords were seemingly major Wolf Men that held the world in terror, and became involved in the myths and legends of mankind:

  • Garmr, the "HELLhound," was a mountain-sized beast with a monstrous appetite. He sired Garm, the guardian of the gates of Hel.
  • Lycaon, the "Bloodhound," had a cruel and twisted sense of humor that became legendary. Surviving through the catalysms and into Ancient Greece, he was possibly killed in battle with Hercules.
  • Gaueko, the "Night Beast," became the first of the Wolven Warlocks, and he was always followed by a mystic darkness everywhere he went.
  • Varcolac, "the WolfDemon", was a deadly and inescapable hunter. He mated with Set's granddaughter Echidna and sired Angerboda, who sired the Midgard Serpent and the Fenris Wolf,[2] the latter who sired the Wolf Gods of Asgard.[1]

The Wolf Men were eventually defeated by true humans.[6]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

The Wolf-Men were nigh-exctinct in he youth of Kull.[6]

Opposing Kull


The Wolf-Men plotted to usurp Kull's rule of Valusia and man's dominion of the Earth by infiltrating the royal court and provoking chaos and hostility between the human nations. Thriving in the catacombs beneath the City of Wonders, they were ultimately defeated by Kull, Lhok-Nor, and Taku.[8]

Powers and Abilities


The Wolf-Men of Valusia possessed the typical powers associated with werewolves: superhuman speed and strength from enhanced to superhuman levels, invulnerability to ordinary weapons or injury including sword blows and broken necks. In addition, it seems the Wolf-Men of Valusia were shapechangers capable of assuming any human shape.


Like many magical creatures, the Wolf-Men of Valusia were only vulnerable to silver and to fire, both of which were effective in killing them. King Kull had a heavy broadsword of silver especially forged for use against the Wolf-Men, allowing it to melt within the Demonolater remains within a blazing fire after impaling the sorcerer on the blade.


Habitat: Earth-like
Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Varied


Representatives: Demonolater

The Wolf Lords included "HELLhound" Garmr, "Bloodhound" Lycaon, "the Night Beast" Gaueko and "the WolfDemon" Varcolac.[2]

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