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Wolf Point is a Cheyenne reservation, where the People celebrated the Dance of the Red Wolf, a legendary warrior who came from the sky.

Modern Age

In recent times, Cornelius van Lunt was seeking to buy the People's land. When William Talltrees finally returned home, he found Van Lunt's men threatening his father to sign over the land, which he still refused to sell. That night Van Lunt's men came back and gunned down the man's family, he being the sole survivor. The young man would then go into the mountains and do the dance to summon Red Wolf, he was then empowered with Red Wolf's abilities and soon adopted Lobo shortly after he killed the wolf's mother, heading back to New York City to seek revenge.[1]

As Red Wolf returned to his village accompanied by the Avengers, to rally the support of his people, Van Lunt's armed goons attacked them, so his uncle, leader of the People, decided to march towards Van Lunt's hacienda. In the final battle between Red Wolf and Van Lunt, both were presumed to be killed in a rock slide near a raging river, as the Scarlet Witch's powers destroyed the huge dam built by Van Lunt. Recovering only Red Wolf's mask, the Avengers returned it to his people. However, they soon found that Red Wolf survived, as he returned to the village in his civilian guide of William and set with his uncle to reclaim their people's land.[2]


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