Wolf Turber was a humanoid robot built in the year 2548 of Earth-TRN215. Malfunctioning and forgetting his robot nature, Wolf became determined to become ruler of the world and started a war in his era. When this failed, he stole a Time Tower and used it to travel back in time to the year 1949 of Earth-616 where he once more attempted to conquer the Earth. He took up occupation at a New Jersey sanitarium as a cover for his true plans. However, Turber was soon distracted with Nannette Tremont, whose brother Allan was coincidentally developing a television receiver that allowed him to see into the future along. Turber proposed to Nannette who refused his romantic advances. Apparently deciding to abandon his conquest of the late 40s, Wolf kidnapped Nanette from Central Park and sprinted her off to another time. Unknown to Wolf at the time, Allan had teamed up with Captain America and San, a time traveler from his own era charged with stopping him.

Wolf first traveled to the year 1780 where he earned the trust of the Revolutionary Army. However, General George Washington suspected him of working with the British. This turned out to be true, and before he could be implicated, Turber then fled back in time again. He traveled further back in time to the year 1649, where he attempted to betray Dutch colonists to the Duke of York, before once more fleeing when his duplicity was discovered. Deciding to try his luck in the future, Wolf returned to Earth-TRN215 in the year 3550 where he started a world war. His pursuers finally catching up, and they attacked him. San was killed in falling rubble, and Captain America was captured by Wolf. Turber then went forward into the future again, with Allan following in his own Time Tower.

Finally stopping in the year 200,000 AD as the last life on Earth was in its death throws. Turber then forced Nanette out of his ship to witness as the last living things died, leaving Captain America alone. Cap broke free and got the drop on Wolf, felling him with one single punch. Hitting the ground, Wolf's head shattered open, revealing his robotic nature. With Turber dead, Cap and Nanette returned to their own era.[1]


Wolf Turber was a highly advanced robot that was built to resemble a human being and apparently imitate human emotions. Any other enhancements are unknown.


Wolf Turber suffered a programming flaw that drove him criminally insane and made him forget his robotic nature.


Time Tower from Captain America Comics Vol 1 73 0001

Time Tower

Wolf Turber travelled through time in a Time Tower, a device that could transport him to any point in history in a single stationary location. It could apparently traverse dimensions as he travelled back to the past of Earth-616.

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