Quote1 Fool. You think Strucker requires love? I arrive when I choose, I make what plans I choose. The Red Skull has his plan. I have mine. Quote2
-- Baron Strucker src

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was a member of the Nazi Party, and later the second only to the Red Skull in the hierarchy of Hydra. Thanks to a Death Spore Virus, Baron Strucker has not aged, but has continued to threaten the free world.[1]

So Shall Ye Reap

Baron Strucker operated with a low profile until Hydra tried to capture a wounded Wonder Man from the Bellevue Hospital. Tigra and the Alliance were present to protect Wonder Man and managed to drive Strucker away.[1]


Baron Strucker's power is based from the Satan Claw he is wearing.

Satan Claw: Baron Strucker has an arm that is composed death spore virus. It was worn on his right hand. Death Spore Virus: Baron Strucker's arm is composed of death spore virus. If Baron strucker is killed, the virus will allegedly be set free from his body and risk infecting the Earth. He could also release the virus from his body, to kill his enemies instantly.

Electricity Emitter: The Satan Claw allows Baron Strucker to emit electricity from the Satan Claw.


Master Marksman, Master hand-to-hand combatant, Master Swordsman


Satan Claw

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