On Earth-7918, a world where the human race would reach the stars in the early 1900's, Wolfgang von Strucker would have a vastly different history than his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality, von Strucker would be part of the Earth military that up until December of 1941, would not be involved in the interplanetary conflict between Alpha and Beta sectors of space.

Operating in the rank of Admiral, he would be stationed at Space Station Midway. He would have a strict nationalist loyalty to his native Germany and see the conflict the Betans as a means to make Germany the dominant force on Earth. He and his followers would secret ally themselves with the Betans in the hopes of gaining power over the Earth should the Betans win the conflict.

Providing the Betans with information, he would stand by as they would invade Midway Station. However, his duplicity would be revealed by a robot put in charge of the newly formed Howling Commandos to it's field leader Nick Fury. This would lead to a clash between the Howlers and von Strucker's minions. In a one-on-one battle between Fury and von Strucker the traitor would accidentally release an airlock. Von Strucker would be sucked outside of the station where he would die in the vacuum of space. His minions would be easily defeated by Fury and his men, and the Betan invasion foiled.


Seemingly those of Wolfgang von Strucker (Earth-616)#Powers.

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