In the years 2020 Charnel had nearly eradicated all resistance on planet earth, doing so through combination of cybernetic and necromancy to create army of liquid metal spawns and curses the few who dare oppose him. And he would soon travel the stars and conquer others.[1] In order to prevent this nightmare world from coming to pass several Avengers sacrifice themselves to steal his time belt and travel to 1992 to defeat a much weaker Charnel. However they encounter Death's Head, Tuck and Dr. Necker who were all there for the same thing. After brief struggle against the less powerful Charnel, it was Death's Head who suggested using time belt to split him in two. This prevented the Earth-9939 timeline from existing.[2] However when Dr. Necker found Death Wreck, she begun to conduct time experiment and accidentally send him to Earth-9939 where the cyborg retrieved a fragment of the spawn of Charnel, liquid metal creature the cybernetic-necromancer created. She used this material to create a new android called Death Metal, but the creature long to return to it Father. And teleported back with Death Wreck.[1] Quickly the heroes gather a group of survivor, their plan stop Death Metal from informing Charnel of his defeat at 1992. However they were too late and Death Metal had already done so, and quickly decimated their armies.[3] However do the noble sacrifice of Ghost Rider who pour is energies unto Death Metal turning him from his ways, that the trio of cyborg Death Head, Death Metal and Death Wreck joined forces to defeat the monstrous Charnel. Their combine assault cause his form to explode in combination of nuclear and necromantic energies.[4]


Charnel could control vast amount of eldritch energies, allowing him to curses his opponents; such as turning Mister Fantastic into goop and fusing the Thing's body. He could summon magic shields, eldritch blast and easily defeated Dr. Strange. Through his knowledge of science he was more than capable of creation liquid metal drones and further empower them with magic, the thermonuclear blast he could blast were strong enough to kill most foes. His form was massive, able to grasp heroes in his hands.[4]


Charnel was skill in both necromancy and advance science, using combination of both.


Charnel was not immune to his own metal creation, as Promethium could damage his form.


He usually used a time-belt in order to travel through time.


He could teleport.

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