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Quote1.png Yellow and Blue aren't exactly the colors that spring to mind when you think of a "Wolverine" but they do make for a rather striking costume. Quote2.png
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These are the suits worn by Wolverine though the years:


James Howlett (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 97 0001.jpg

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #97

After the death of Silver Fox, Logan started to work for the Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trader to the Blackfoot Indians. But one day, a demonic snake-worm, known as Uncegila attacked the tribe, killing several people in his wake. Logan decided to face the monster and while he was preparing to fight this monster and faced a certain death, he was given for the first time this costume with the famous yellow and blue colors and the tiger stripes.

After defeating this demonic monster, Logan earned the Blackfoot warrior name of "Skunk-Bear" or "Wolverine".

Team X

Team X Team 7 Vol 1 1.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #48 (False implanted memory; unnamed),Wolverine (Vol. 2) #49 (First real appearance; unnamed), X-Men (Vol. 2) #5 (Named)

By 1961, Logan, known as Wolverine now, joined the Weapon X Project, part of the Weapon Plus Program, which had been created to fight the mutant menace. He was then placed on the Black Ops squad run by the C.I.A, called Team X, with Sabretooth, Silver Fox (who surprisingly appeared to be alive and with no memories of her time with Logan), Maverick, Kestrel, and Mastodon.[1]

The team completed several missions but after one last mission in Berlin in 1968 where the team recovered the Carbonadium Synthesizer, Sabretooth killed in cold blood Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent which angered Logan who quit Team X afterwards. As part of Team X, Wolverine was mostly using guns and knifes. He was wearing a black with several yellow pouches, yellow shoulder pads, yellow gloves and a yellow helmet during some missions most notably during the Terry Adams mission [2] and the last Team X mission in Berlin.[3]

Weapon X

Return of Wolverine Vol 1 1 Weapon X Costume Virgin Variant.jpg

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #79

After Logan was abducted by the Weapon X program, his skeleton was laced with the Adamantium, he was then brainwashed by his tormentors and forced to be used as a weapon during several field test. To follow his performances, the Weapon X program forced Logan to wear an helmet which obscured 30% of his vision on both sides, he also had to wear several batteries weighting more than 10 pounds each.

After his escape from the Weapon X compound, Logan still had nightmares during which he was wearing this suit. Years later, Logan briefly wore the same helmet when he was abducted by a new Weapon X program led by Malcolm Colcord. [4]

Original Yellow and Blue

Marvel Tales Wolverine Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant.jpg

First appearance: Incredible Hulk #180

After he escaped from Weapon X and was found by Heather Hudson and James Hudson, Logan joined Department H (Earth-616) where James and the Department H designed him this new costume.[5]

Wolverine appeared in this yellow and blue suit during his first appearance where he fought against the Incredbile Hulk. His original mask featured a black nose and whiskers. Len Wein originally intended his claws be attached to his gloves. He used this suit while he was was working for Department H and Alpha Flight.[6] [7] [8]

Classic Yellow and Blue

Wolverine Vol 3 73 70th Anniversary Variant Textless.jpg

First appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1

When Wolverine joined the X-Men his suit remained relatively the same except for his mask, which was altered to have longer black ears and no whiskers, Wolverine kept this suit up until X-Men #138 where he started to wear his famous brown and tan costume. Years later, during the Shiva Scenario storyline, Logan learned that his memories were tampered, both Charles Xavier and Jean Grey tried to help him by removing some of his memory blocks but as a result Logan was overwhelmed and almost lost his mind.

Professor Xavier told him that if he tried to remove Logan's memory blocks one more time it could be worse, Logan could lose his humanity. This revelation angered Logan and he tore off his brown costume and said he wasn't an animal but an X-Man. As a result Logan stopped wearing his brown costume and decided to wear his original yellow and blue uniform again.

Fang Costume

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Iron Fist Vol 1 15 0001.jpg

First appearance: X-Men #107

During a fight with the Imperial Guard, Wolverine's costume was completely burned. After facing another member of the imperial Guard, Fang, and defeating him, Logan took his clothes. After the fight was over and the X-Men went back to earth, Logan only wore this costume for a short time when he faced Iron Fist before finally going back to his classic yellow and blue costume.

This costume and the personage of Fang were both created by Dave Cockrum and were based on the DC character, Timber Wolf.

Classic Brown and Gold

Return of Wolverine Vol 1 2 IGComicstore Exclusive Virgin Variant.jpg

First appearance: X-Men #139

After John Byrne arrived on the X-Men series, he designed a new costume for Wolverine, the colors were now brown and gold and both the shoulder pads and the tiger stripes were gone. This Wolverine's suit proved to be really popular to the point Logan kept it during the majority of the 80s and up until the early 90s.

Years later after he recovered his memories, Wolverine used this costume once again at the start of his quest for revenge.[9] Wolverine used once again this costume after his return from the dead just after he was reunited with Cyclops[10] and when he was investigating the kidnapping of his friend, Signore Saviano[11].

Wolverine started to use a modernized version of this costume later on.[12]

Madripoor Black Costume

Wolverine Vol 2 1.jpg

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #8

During the Save the Tiger storyline, Wolverine adopted a black stealth costume with face paint covering his eyes in order to help Tyger Tiger in overthrowing Roche and taking his place as the Madripoor crime lord.[13]

Shortly after the release of this storyline, the first Wolverine ongoing was released in 1988, Logan kept using this costume during his adventures in the lawless island of Madripoor to mask his true identity. The suit was later slightly altered by Jim Lee who added a red belt to it[14]

Logan decided to use once again his classic brown and tan costume in Madripoor when he encountered Ba'al and his army of vampires.[15]


Return of Wolverine Vol 1 1 Patch Costume Virgin Variant.jpg

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #9 (name only), Marvel Comics Presents #10 (first full appearance)

After finding Dave Chapel in the desert tortured and dying from exposure, Wolverine returned to Madripoor, perhaps the first time since Seraph's death, to the Princess Bar, and saved O'Donnell from thugs of a crime boss, Roche, while searching for "the Tiger".[16] Wolverine was captured by Sapphire Styx and Razor-Fist and delivered to Roche[17] where he was tortured, Roche also burned his left eye with his cigarette.[18]

Later, after escaping from Roche[18], Logan was rescued by Jessán Hoan[19]. After healing, Logan started to use an eye-patch to hide his left-eye injury and his true identity.[13] As a result he was nicknamed "Patch" afterwards which became his identity in Madripoor.[20]

As Patch, Logan was wearing an eye-patch and a white tuxedo with a black bowtie.[21]


Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 277.jpg

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #275

After the events of X-Tinction Agenda, Wolverine started to wear a yellow and blue X-Uniform with a red belt and a similar motif to the rest of the X-Men costume as a symbol of the cohesion of this new team. Wolverine used this costume up until the events of the Muir Island Saga and the defeat of the Shadow King.

After the creation of the Gold and Blue teams, Wolverine returned to the brown and tan costume up until the Shiva Scenario storyline.

Tactical Black uniform

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 150 001.jpg

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #150

A tactical black uniform with several brown pouches wore by Wolverine for a brief time while he was tracking Typhoid Mary. After facing Daredevil during the same adventures, Logan stopped using it.


Indestructible Hulk Vol 1 9 Wolverine Through the Ages Variant Textless.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #100

After the events of Fatal Attractions, Wolverine was stripped of his Adamantium skeleton and claws, lost his healing factor and quit the X-Men. Logan started a long journey, during which he made sure to have his affairs in order in case he would die, but after a brutal fight with Deadpool his healing factor came back more powerful than ever. His powers finally back, he returned to the X-Mansion where the X-Men kept Sabretooth as a prisoner in order to help him, but one night Sabretooth escaped just as Wolverine arrived at the mansion. Wolverine faced his rival, and after a brutal fight Logan defeated his foe by thrusting his claws in his brain.

But Logan's victory had terrible consequences, as he could feel his feral nature slowly taking over him prompting him to live in the woods. This feral regression would get worse, after Genesis captured him and tried to bond the adamantium he stole from Cyber to Wolverine's skeleton and claws once more in order to turn him into his Horseman of Apocalypse. The process was almost successful but after seeing the young Sam Guthrie being almost killed in front of his eyes by Genesis' Dark Riders, Logan rejected the adamantium and became a feral animal.

In his new feral form, Wolverine started to wear his torned costume and after a while he started to hide his new face with a blue (sometimes red) bandanna.


James Howlett (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 145 0002.jpg

First appearance: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 2) #1

During this space adventure with the X-Men, Logan was subsequently kidnapped by the would-be conqueror Apocalypse and replaced by one of the skrulls who infiltrated the X-Men. Logan was then forced to fight the savage assassin Sabretooth for the mantle of the Horseman Death. Knowing that he might be able to resist Apocalypse's programming and that Sabretooth would be a very dangerous villain with the support of Apocalypse, Logan fought and defeated his nemesis. As a result, Apocalypse succeeded where Genesis had failed, rebonding the adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton.

As the horseman of Death, Wolverine was given an armor to wear to conceal his true identity and to protect him. The armor was durable enough to withstand explosions, Cyclops' optic blasts or attacks from Colossus, Rogue and the Hulk. Cable also noted that his psimitar did nothing against this armor.

This armor was mostly blue in colors with a red cape and a red scarf used by Logan to conceal his identity. The armor also had a metal chess plate and a goat's-head buckle.

New X-Men

Wolverine Vol 2 171 Textless.jpg

First appearance: New X-Men #114

During the Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, Wolverine like the X-Men stopped wearing his usual costume and instead starting to wear black boots, leather pants, leather jackets and silver buckles. The jacket had a yellow "X" on the shoulder and yellow stripes on the sleeves. At first Logan was wearing this costume without any undershirt and with his military dog tag.

Wolverine kept this costume up until the end of the Grant Morrison's run and later went back to a modernized version of his yellow and blue costume during the Joss Whedon and John Cassaday Astonishing X-Men run.

Combat suit

Exiles Vol 1 28 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #423

A combat suit worn by Wolverine during some missions in tandem with his New X-Men uniform. This costume was really similar to the costume wore by the Ultimate version of Wolverine. This costume is mostly dark blue/black in color, with stripes of yellow on the shoulders and with an "X" symbol on the chest. He also wore a pair of black gloves.

Secret War

First appearance: Secret War #1 When Wolverine was recruited by Nick Fury for a secret mission in Latveria, he wore a black stealth suit, similar to his combat suit but with slight alterations. This suit had several yellow mark on the shoulders, boots, and on his gloves.

Modern Yellow and Blue

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe X-Men 2004 Vol 1 1 0001.jpg

First appearance: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #1

The famous yellow and blue costume made a comeback after the end of the New X-Men era but with several differences. No more blue trunks, the ears of Wolverine's mask were much shorter, same thing with the shoulder pads and he now had a blue/black belt.

James Howlett (Earth-616) from A+X Vol 1 1.jpg

Logan's boots were sometimes similar to his old ones and sometimes similar to the combat boots he had in his combat suit. This costume was altered several times though the years, both during the Utopia era and after the Schism event.

Wolverine mostly wore this costume during most of the 2000s up until he lost his healing factor and had to wear the Ablation Armor.



First appearance: X-Force (Vol. 3) #1

Under the orders of Cyclops, Logan formed a new iteration of X-Force in the aftermath of Messiah Complex. During this time he wore a new variation of his costume, replacing the gold and blue with black and gray. His mask featured glowing red lenses over his eyes.

Wolverine kept wearing this costume during the second iteration of X-Force up until the team was disbanded after the events of Final Execution.

Field Gear

Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis Vol 1 2 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1

Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men (except Emma) wore a yellow shirt with some black lines, a yellow cap with and "X" symbol, black mittens and khaki pants in order to not scare anyone during their investigation in Africa.

Dark Phoenix

Phoenix Force (Earth-TRN157) from Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Vol 1 6 0001.jpg

First appearance: Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #5

During a time travel adventure with Spider-Man, Wolverine ended in the future where he discovered that a future version of Beast created a powerful weapon called the Phoenix Gun. This gun could fire one Phoenix Bullet containing the power of the Phoenix Force which could destroy any target but also its user. While facing Doom the Living Planet, Logan used the Phoenix Gun and fired the Phoenix Bullet which killed both Doom and himself.

But shortly after Wolverine was resurrected by Spider-Man thanks to a Cosmic Cube, after his resurrection the Phoenix Force stayed within him, and it manifested later on turning Wolverine into the Dark Phoenix. Thanks to Spider-Man's help it seemed that Logan was able to get rid of the Phoenix Force

When possessed by the Phoenix Force, Wolverine costume became red and yellow (the colors of the Dark Phoenix) with the Phoenix symbol on his chest.

Asgardian Armor

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 7 0001.jpg

First appearance: Fear Itself #7

In order to fight the Worthy, he along with the Mighty had certain weapons blessed with Asgardian Magic. His claws were enchanted which magically enhanced him in battle to the point his appearance changed, he was now wearing a black armor with what looked like "volcano cracks" on it and his claws appeared to be on fire.

After the heroes' victory, the enchantment was removed.[22]

Ablation Armor

Wolverine Vol 6 2 Granov Variant Textless.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 6) #1

After the loss of his healing factor and his defeat at the hands of Sabretooth, Wolverine went to see the Superior Spider-Man for help.[23] Spider-Man created him a new armor that could "withstand a nuclear reactor."[24]

This armor was mostly black and yellow in color with a large X shaped on the chest and with several plates on the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, neck and on the back. This armor also had yellow gauntlets with housing in it, to allow Logan to use "fake claws" and not his own since he didn't have any healing factor at the time.


Return of Wolverine Vol 1 2 Shalvey Variant Textless.jpg

First appearance: Return of Wolverine #1

A costume wore for a brief time by Wolverine after he came back from the dead while he was tracking Persephone and her killteam, it was given to him by Ana. This black costume showed some similitudes with the Nick Fury Jr. costume also designed by Declan Shalvey with a similar red motif.

The Soteira's logo could be seen on Logan's shoulder and on his belt. After a first encounter with several Soteira's soldiers, the vest of the costume was ripped apart.[25]

After a fight with the X-Men and a whole island full of undead people, the costume was removed from Wolverine.[26] [27]

Modern Brown and Gold

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Powers of X Vol 1 6 cover 001.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1

The current Wolverine costume is a modernized version of the original brown and gold costume introduced during the Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus one shot. This new costume came about because of X-Men editor Jordan D. White being tired of seeing the character in the yellow and blue costume.

When Declan Shalvey was drawing Return of Wolverine #3, the issue featured a scene inside Logan's psyche of him talking with a version of himself wearing his X-Force costume. When White saw the uncolored artwork, it occurred to him to use it as the base for a modern version of the brown and gold costume. Jordan did a rough coloring of Declan's lineart and sent it to House of X creators Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz, who liked the idea and implemented it into the book.[28]

New Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Vol 6 21 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Fantastic Four (Vol. 6) #22

During the Empyre event, Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards needed help while the Fantastic Four were away dealing with the latest Kree-Skrull threat, Valeria activated an emergency signal that summoned Spider-Man and Wolverine to aid them. Franklin, Valeria, Wolverine and Spider-Man became as a result the New Fantastic Four.[29]

As part of the New Fantastic Four Wolverine was given a custom blue and black Fantastic Four uniform with a "X" symbol on his chest.[30]


Wolverine (Magus Doppelganger)

Wolverine (Doppleganger) (Earth-616) Infinity War Vol 1 1.jpg

First appearance: Infinity War #1

When the Magus, the dark personality of Adam Warlock, sought to conquer the universe, he first paid a visit to Anthropomorpho in the Dimension of Manifestation to create doppelgangers of every super-hero on Earth.[31] Three of those doppelgangers were based on Wolverine. One was defeated by Logan, another by the Human Torch [32] and the last one was destroyed after Warlock defeated Magus.[33]

Those doppelgangers wore a similar costume to Wolverine's classic yellow and blue costume, albeit with a more demonic appearance and in some cases with several long fingernails.

Skrull Wolverine

Henry McCoy (Earth-616) and James Howlett (Skrull) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 375 001.jpg

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #371

While the real Wolverine became Apocalypse's Horseman of Death, this Skrull acted in his place as a member of the X-Men until being killed by Death.[34]

While impersonating Wolverine, the skrull was using his classic yellow and blue costume.


Dark Avengers

Dark Wolverine Vol 1 75 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Dark Avengers #1

When Norman Osborn put together a new group of "Avengers", and approached Daken to play the part of "Wolverine", Daken agreed.[35] As part of the Dark Avengers, Daken wore the classic brown and tan costume Wolverine used to wear up until the end of the Dark Reign and the fall of Norman Osborn.

After Wolverine's death, he briefly wore the costume once again before being almost killed by Sinister.[36] Later, during the Laura Kinney virus outbreak on Roosevelt Island, he was seen wearing the lower half of the costume.[37]

Dark X-Men

X-Men (Osborn) (Earth-616) from Dark Avengers Vol 1 8 0001.jpg

First appearance: Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1

Later on, after the formation of the Dark X-Men, Daken was seen in a new red and black Wolverine suit, with large gauntlets and shoulder pads.[38]


Wolverine Vol 4 1 Textless 2nd Printing Variant.jpg Wolverine Vol 4 7 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 4) #1

Hellverine was an unnamed powerful Demon from Hell who thanks to the Red Right Hand took over Wolverine's body while his soul was dragged to Hell by a group of demons.[39] Hellverine tried to kill everyone Logan cared about but Logan managed to escape from Hell and with the help of his own memories, Melita, the X-Men, a subconscious projection of Nightcrawler and what appeared to be a vivid memory of Jean Grey as the White Phoenix he sent Hellverine back to Hell.[40]

In possession of Wolverine's body, Hellverine was at first wearing a grey outfit with a grey hood to hide his face but after killing John Wraith, he wore the Wolverine modern yellow and blue costume in order to infiltrate Utopia and to kill the X-Men. Beyond wearing the modern yellow and blue costume, his claws also appeared to be coated with Hell Fire.[41]


Tomi Shishido (Earth-616) New Avengers Vol 2 18.png

First Appearance: New Avengers (Vol. 2) #18

When Hydra made an alliance with Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R., Gorgon became part of the New Dark Avengers as their Wolverine. As Wolverine, Gorgon used Logan's original brown and tan costume with a pair of gloves that give him the appearance of having retractable claws similar to Wolverine's.[42]

Wolverine (Hatchitec)

Wolverine (Hatchitech) (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 55 001.jpg

First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #55

"Wolverine" was a tech empowered member of Susan Hatchi's fake X-Men team who battled Wolverine and the X-Men at Madripoor's international airport. After their defeat, these fake "X-Men" were cuffed and taken in police custody courtesy of Tyger Tiger and Logan.

He wore a blue and gold costume with bracelets on each wrist that release 4 claws / retractable blades of Adamantium, which served the same as Wolverine's claws.[43]


Park (Earth-616) 0002.png

First Appearance: Deadpool (Vol. 5) #16

Created by the Butler, using Deadpool's healing factor to fuse mutant genes from X-Men onto North Korean prisoners to be used as superweapons for North Korea.[44] Park and the other victims of Butler's experiments were freed by Deadpool.[45] They then proceeded to free their families, but Park was killed during the assault to the camp where their relatives were being kept.[46]

Park's costume just like his teammates was really similar to Wolverine's yellow and blue costume except it was white and dark blue/black. He didn't have any gloves and his mask features black whiskers (similar to Wolverine's original yellow and blue costume).


Wade Wilson (Earth-616) as Wolverine from Wolverines Vol 1 13.jpg

First Appearance: Wolverines #13

After Wolverine's death, Deadpool decided to replace him. To that end, he decided to find everything that belonged to Wolverine and created this strange costume which was mix of several outfits and gears used by Wolverine through the years.

After his defeat at the hands of She-Hulk and the refusal of several teams to hire him as their "Wolverine", Deadpool decided to give up.[47]

Laura Kinney

All-New Wolverine

Laura Kinney (Earth-616) from All-New, All Different Marvel Promotional 0001.png

First Appearance: All-New Wolverine #1

After the death of Wolverine, Laura Kinney decided to honor his memory and his legacy and took on the codename of Wolverine, she adopted a variation of the Classic Yellow suit. The main differences were the ears of the cowl were blue instead of black, and it was modified to allow her long hair to flow out of the back. The costume also completely covered her arms, and her belt had a large "X" buckle.

All-New Armor

All-New Wolverine Vol 1 19 Textless.jpg

First Appearance: All-New Wolverine #19

A new variation of the costume was worn by Laura Kinney after her execution of Kimura. At the suggestion of Gabby, it featured bulletproof armor to better protect her from being slowed by injuries. Rather than the Classic Yellow, the new suit drew inspiration from her X-Force outfit, with the predominant color being gray with black trim, and red lenses over her eyes. The new costume did retain the red and black "X" buckle as in her previous costume, and consisted of three pieces: A sleeveless bodysuit under the armored jacket, and a hard shell helmet for the cowl.[48] The cowl also features infrared scanning.[49]

X-Men Red

X-Men Red Vol 1 8 Textless.jpg

First Appearance: X-Men: Red #1

A new version of the Wolverine costume worn by Laura Kinney when she was part of Jean Grey's X-Men team. This bodysuit is yellow and black with a red "X" logo on the stomach, the pants and the sleeves are black while the torso and the shoulders are yellow.

The Vault

Laura Kinney (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 5 5 001.jpg

First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 5) #5

Laura Kinney resumed the Wolverine mantle during a mission to infiltrate The Vault, and determine why Serafina had left it on her own and unaccompanied by any others of the Children of the Vault. This iteration of the suit was black as a base color, with a large, stylized yellow X covering her shoulders, chest, abdomen, and upper thighs. The gloves are yellow with black trim, with a mask similar to the All-New suit, but with black ears and trim. The suit also incorporated a black belt, with a yellow and black "X" disk logo as the buckle. Like the All-New suit, it completely covered Laura except for the lower portion of her face.


Jonathan (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Annual Vol 1 1 001.PNG

First appearance: All-New Wolverine Annual #1

Gabby Kinney made a variation of the suit for Jonathan the Wolverine to protect his identity, which Gabby described as practical and adorable. It consisted of a black domino mask, a thick black collar around his neck, and a black band around his middle between his fore and hind limbs. The band around his body has yellow stripes similar to Laura's version of the Classic Yellow suit.

Alternate Realities


Weapon X Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

X-Men Age of Apocalypse One Shot Vol 1 1 Pinup 001.jpg James Howlett (Earth-295) from Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 12 page 23.jpg

First appearance: X-Men: Alpha #1

In Earth-295, After Legion, son of X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier came back in time and accidentally killed his father, he created a new reality where Apocalypse took over America and where Magneto formed the X-Men. In this reality, Logan was never known as "Wolverine" but as "Weapon X", when he joined the X-Men for the X-Men he wore a red and yellow bodysuit and yellow gloves.

After saving Jean Grey and losing his left hand during a fight with Cyclops, Logan started to wear a dark blue bodysuit with red marking, he also had red facial markings and his left forearm had a metal stump.

After the death of Apocalypse, the Celestials came to judge the planet. Logan offered himself to the Celestials to prevent the planet's judgment and was further augmented by the Celestial technology, yet while he had ascended in form and power, his mind had become so twisted to the point of assembling a deadly group of genetically modified warriors known as the Black Legion. He became known as Weapon Omega as a result and started to wear an grey armor similar to Apocalypse, with a "A" buckle.

Undead World (Earth-666)

James Howlett (Earth-666) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 34 Cover Textless.jpg

First appearance: Secret Avengers #33

In Earth-666, Wolverine was an undead vampire and was wearing a black and red uniform similar in design to his classic brown and tan costume except for the colors. He was also wearing a black and red cape, common among vampires. Despite being a vampire, the "X" logo could still be seen on his costume.

Alex Ross' Wolverine (Earth-1034)

James Howlett (Earth-1034) from X-Men Millennial Visions Vol 1 2 0001.jpg

First appearance: X-Men: Millennial Visions #2

An Alex Ross design for Wolverine's costume, the costume was mostly black with a "X" shaped in yellow/orange.

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 21 Textless.jpg Ultimate Origins Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Ultimate X-Men #1

In Earth-1610, Wolverine appeared much younger than his mainstream counterpart. After joining the X-Men, he started to wear a black and yellow uniform bodysuit, black long gloves, black pants and a red and black buckle with the "X" logo. Unlike the classic Wolverine, he wasn't wearing any cowl.

After a while his costume changed, it became black with yellow tiger stripes on his shoulders, a red and black "X" logo could now be seen on his chest and he was wearing black gloves. This new suit was really similar to the "Combat suit" worn by mainstream counterpart.

Hydra (Earth-1720)

James Howlett (Earth-1720) from Exiles Vol 1 94 0001.jpg

First appearance: Exiles #92

In Earth-1720, Wolverine was a member of Hydra and as result his costume reflected his allegiance. Similar to his modern yellow and blue costume in design except the colors were now yellow and green, he also had a "H" letter on his belt.[50]

Marvel Zombies (Earth-2149)

James Howlett (Earth-2149) from Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 23 0001.jpg Zombies (Earth-2149) from Marvel Zombies Vol 1 5 001.png Zombies (Earth-2149) from Marvel Zombies 2 Vol 1 2 001.png

First appearance: Ultimate Fantastic Four #22

In Earth-2149, Wolverine among several other Marvel heroes was infected by a deadly plague that turned him into a Zombie. At first Logan was wearing his classic yellow and blue costume, but after devouring Galactus, he started to wear a similar purple costume.

Later on, he was seen in his classic yellow and blue costume but without his cowl, he now had a prosthetic arm equipped with claws to replace the arm and claws he lost in the past.

New Fantastic Four (Ages of Apocalypse) (Earth-2841)

James Howlett (Earth-2841) from Wolverine Vol 2 148 0001.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #148

After Apocalypse used The Twelve to warp Earth-616 into several alternate future realities, Earth-2841 was created. In this reality the new Fantastic Four were once again and Logan was their leader. As a member of the Fantastic Four, Logan was wearing a custom dark blue and white Fantastic Four uniform with a "4" on his chest.

Wild Man (Earth-3470)

James Howlett (Earth-3470) from Exiles Vol 1 33 0001.jpg

First appearance: Exiles #33

In Earth-3470, Logan was a member of Alpha Flight known as Wild Man. As a member of Alpha Flight, Logan was wearing a red and yellow bodysuit with a "W" symbol on his cowl and on his torso.

25 years from now (Earth-10511)

James Howlett (Earth-10511) from Wolverine Weapon X Vol 1 12 001.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine: Weapon X #12

In Earth-10511, Logan was a rebel fighting against Roxxon. He was wearing his classic yellow and blue suit, but because of the serious injuries he suffered he had to wear an exoskeleton and after losing both hands he had metal stumps and a prosthetic hook instead.

Here Comes Tomorrow (Earth-15104)

New X-Men Vol 1 151 Textless.jpg

First appearance: New X-Men #151

In this apocalyptic Future, Logan was seen wearing the upper body of his classic yellow costume but without any shoulder pad, with a pair of jeans and from times to times a cowboy hat. Logan wasn't wearing any gloves.

House of M (Earth-58163)

James Howlett (Earth-58163) from Wolverine Vol 3 33 0001.jpg James Howlett (Earth-58163) from House of M Vol 1 7 0001.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 3) #33

In Earth-58163, Logan was a member of the Red Guard and was wearing a black, white and red costume similar to his teammates.He also wore gold wristbands, gold buckle, black gloves and yellow leg armor.

He was later seen wearing brown military pants, a white shirt and a black, red and yellow vest similar in design to his Red Guard costume.

Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

Wolverine Vol 3 67 Textless.jpg James Howlett (Earth-807128) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 561 page 14.jpg

First appearance: Fantastic Four #558

In Earth-807128, Wolverine was at first wearing his modern yellow and blue costume up until he tricked by Mysterio into killing the X-Men. After abandoning the Wolverine costume, Logan started to wear a long trench coat, brown pants and boots, and sometimes a black and red shirt.

500 years later, Logan would resurfaced with a new black and yellow costume, bare arms and a hood covering his face, he was now know as the Hooded Man.

Age of Ultron (Earth-61112)

Age of Ultron Vol 1 9 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Age of Ultron #9

In Earth-61112 created after Ultron succesfully annihilated humanity. Wolverine was seen wearing a black bodysuit with yellow stripes around his neck/shoulders and a yellow hood. He also wore black fingerless gloves and black gauntlets.

Old Man Logan (Earth-21923)

Old Man Logan Vol 2 1 Textless.jpg X-Men Gold Vol 2 16 Textless.jpg

First appearance: Old Man Logan #1 Like his Earth-807128 counterpart, Wolverine of Earth-21923 at first wore his modenr yellow and blue costume until he was tricked into killing the X-Men. He then started wearing a long trench coat, brown pants and boots, and a cowboy hat.

After the events of Secret Wars, Logan started to wear a brown leather jacket, a white tank top, and a pair of jeans up until a mission in the Negative Zone where he was forced to wear a black/dark blue and red costume for a while until he left the X-Men.

After returning to his native reality, he wore a white tank top and a pair of jeans.

Doom Universe (Earth-18466)

James Howlett (Earth-18466) from Marvel 2-In-One Vol 1 4 001.jpg

First appearance: Marvel 2-In-One #4

In Earth-18466, Logan was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was wearing a costume similar to both his classic Brown and Tan suit and the suit worn by one of his counterpart who became a director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The suit was brown and tan in color, the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo could be seen on his chest and unlike many of his alternate versions, Logan's hair could be seen outside of his cowl.


Wolverine and the X-Men TV Series (Earth-8096)

James Howlett (Earth-8096) 0001.jpg

First appearance: Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 1

In Earth-8096, Wolverine was the leader of the X-Men and was wearing a similar version of the modern yellow and blue suit worn by his mainstream counterpart.

Fox X-Men original trilogy (Earth-10005)

X-Men Last Stand Poster 0002.jpg

First appearance: X-Men (film)

In Earth-10005, Wolverine did not wear his classic suit. He was provided a black version of the X-Uniform.

Days of Future Past (Fox movie)

James Howlett (Earth-10005) from X-Men Days of Future Past 001.jpg

First appearance: X-Men: Days of Future Past (film)

In the future of Earth-10005, Wolverine was seen wearing a black armor, black knee pads, leg guards, black pants and an "X" belt. The armor was mostly black and was covering Logan's whole body. The yellow and blue colors could be seen on the sleeves of the costume.

X-Men Evolution (Earth-11052)

Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-11052) from X-Men Evolution Season 3 10 002.png

First appearance: X-Men: Evolution Season 1 1

In Earth-11052, Logan was a teacher at the Xavier institute. He was at first wearing a black and orange costume with leg pads and gauntlets and a cowl.

After a while he started to wear a dark blue/black uniform, with yellow tiger stripe on the shoulders, a red "X" logo on the chest and on his buckle, black gloves and his forearms were partially covered with straps. He also wore black boots but no cowl anymore. It was really similar in design to the costume worn by the Ultimate version of Wolverine and to the battle suit costume worn by the classic version of the character.

Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series (Earth-12041)

James Howlett (Earth-12041) from Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 2 20.png

First appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 10

In Earth-12041, Wolverine wore a suit similar to the classic brown and tan version of his comic counterpart. This varies from being sleeveless.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (Earth-14042)

James Howlett (Earth-14042) from Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers Season 1 21.png

First appearance: Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Season 1 16

In Earth-14042, Wolverine was a member of the X-Men and was much younger than the classic version. His costume was mostly yellow, blue and grey in colors. Blue tiger stripes could be seen on his upper body, he had a red "X" buckle, the legs of the costume were mostly grey same thing for his gauntlets. The blue color could also be seen on his knees and the cowl was yellow and grey.

X-Men: The Animated Series (Earth-92131)

Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-92131) 020.jpg Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-92131) 006.jpg Justine Cocteau (Earth-92131) and Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-92131) from X-Men The Animated Series Season 5 11 001.jpg

First appearance: X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 1

One of the most famous version of Wolverine from the X-Men: The Animated Show, this Wolverine wore several costume during the series. The classic yellow and blue was his main costume, he was also seen wearing a black uniform similar to the black tactical suit worn by the classic Wolverine.

During a Flashback from WWII, Logan was seen wearing a black suit covering his whole body, black gloves and a black hat.

Age of Apocalypse Animated (Earth-95099)

Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-95099) from X-Men The Animated Series Season 4 1 0001.png

First appearance: X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4 1

On Earth-95099, Charles Xavier was murdered before forming the X-Men. Without his efforts to make peace between mankind and mutants, open war broke out between humanity and mutantkind. Magneto led the mutants in their struggle for dominance.

In this reality, Logan was seen wearing a black/dark blue suit, gray and yellow gauntlet, yellow and black leg pad, a brown belt with several pouches, brown straps on his legs, and also several pouches on his chest. His boots were black and yellow.


The Fiend with no Name

Mean (Earth-5311) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 153 0001.jpg

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #153

Mean was a denizen of an alien dimension, and to all accounts, is the only member of his respective species. Primarily, Mean enjoyed nothing more than chomping on his cigar and kicking back with a six-pack of beer.

His appearance and costume were similar, albeit more "grotesque", to the classic brown and tan costume. He also wore a little cowboy hat and had fur on his arms and shoulders.

Mojoverse "Rule 63" X-Men

Wolverine (Female) from X-Men Annual Vol 1 12 0001.jpg

First Appearance: X-Men Annual #12

This Wolverine was a member of "Rule 63" X-Men who auditioned for Mojo to replace the X-Men of the Prime Marvel Universe after they seemingly died. Mojo was not pleased with this team and told his assistant to dump them, seemingly killing them.

She was wearing Wolverine's classic brown and tan costume.


What The--?! Vol 1 11.jpg

First appearance: What The--?! #9

The young mutant Logana was born in 1976 to Bud, owner of a pub called Bud's Sud, and his wife. Years later she started to work at this pub as a waitress and later on she was known as Wolvie's cousin, Wolverina.

Wolverina wore a yellow and dark red/black bodysuit similar to Wolvie, sometimes her suit was also yellow and brown. She also wore a cowl of the same colors and design as the classic costume wore by Wolvie, long brown gloves and brown boots.


Rancor (Earth-691) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 8 0001.jpg

First appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Rancor was born in the alternate 31st Century future of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She was a distant descendant of the mutant Wolverine and led her own colony of mutants on the planet Haven. Rancor typically wears a Brown & Orange costume similar in design to one of the costumes frequently used by Wolverine.

Wild Thing

Rina Logan (Earth-982) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 12 001.jpg

First appearance: J2 #5

In Earth-982, Rina Logan was the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra, she inherited her father's powers but she also possessed psionic powers that she was able to physically manifest in the shape of psychic claws. The claws themselves manifested on the back of her hands and are similar in shape to those of her father's claws. She was known as Wild Thing.

Her costume was a mix between Wolverine's classic yellow suit and Elektra's classic red costume. The bodysuit is mostly yellow in colors, with tiger red stripes, red shoulder pads, red boots and she wore a red and yellow cowl similar in shape to the one worn by her father. Similar to her mother's classic red costume, she had a red sash, her arms were partially covered with red straps and she also had one red leg strap.

Jimmy Hudson

James Hudson Jr. (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 1 Cover.png

First appearance: Ultimate X #1 (first appearance) Ultimate Comics Wolverine #4 (first appearance as Wolverine)

In Earth-1610, Jimmy Hudson was the son of Wolverine. After the death of his father he was found by Kitty Pryde who told him the truth about his origins. He later took on the Wolverine moniker and started to wear a yellow and black suit and a yellow and black cowl similar to the one worn by the classic Wolverine.

Jubilee (Jean Grey School 25 Years Later/Future X-Men)

Jubilation Lee (Earth-13729) from All-New X-Men Vol 1 17 cover.png

First appearance: Wolverine and the X-Men #36

In Earth-13729, Jubilee took on the Wolverine moniker and was wearing a black bodysuit, blue belt, yellow gloves and yellow and black boots similar to the one worn by Wolverine in the past. Jubilee also had her iconic pink glasses and was using energy claws similar to Wolverine's. It is unknown if those are from technological origin or derived from a power.

Laura Kinney (Jean Grey School 25 Years Later/Future X-Men)

Laura Kinney (Earth-13729) from Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Vol 1 10 001.jpg

First appearance: Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #10

In the same universe, Laura also took on the Wolverine moniker and wore this variation of the costume, consisting of a yellow body suit with brown trim, gloves, and boots. Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart, this costume completely covered her hair, but also bared her arms, as in Logan's suits.

Queen Laura Kinney (Old Woman Laura)

Laura Kinney (Earth-18366) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 34 001.jpg

First appearance: All-New Wolverine #33

In an alternate future where the heroes won their global conflict with the supervillains, Laura wore a variation of her All-New Armor sans jacket, but with long black gloves that reached to her biceps, and thick wrist bands.

Gabby (Old Woman Laura)

All-New Wolverine Vol 1 33 Textless.jpg

First appearance: All-New Wolverine #33

In the same universe, Gabby serves as the current Wolverine and wears a Tron-inspired black suit and helmet with glowing yellow highlights. The suit is made of Stark-grade graphene and Wakandan vibranium.


  • Like many costumes and equipment used by the heroes and villains of the multiverse, any appearance of Wolverine will likely feature an appearance of the Suit so not all appearances are listed.

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