Wolverine-Bug was a member of the X-Bugs, a team of similarly super powered insects who worked together under the leadership of the telepathic worm known as Professor X-Bug. At one point, Professor X-Bug noticed that Magsquito the magnetic mosquito, a known enemy of the X-Bugs, was manipulating a great amount of metal scrap, and the Professor assumed that Magsquito was performing a new evil deed. However, Magsquito had turned good and was simply working at his new business, Magsquito's Junk Yard. Unaware of this detail, the Professor telepathically summoned his X-Bugs and joined them in a trek to fight Magsquito.

The X-Bugs boarded their usual vehicle, the X-Buggy, but a technical problem precluded its use. They instead went to the junkyard using an X-Checker. Once there, the Professor ordered the X-Bugs to attack Magsquito; to the mosquito's surprise. Donning a Roman warrior helmet, Wolverine-Bug joined the fight and sliced up Magsquito with his claws. The Professor X-Bug crawled forward and demanded Magsquito to surrender, but then Magsquito revealed he had become a respectable entrepreneur. Ashamed, the Professor X-Bug led his X-Bugs away, toward a new adventure. [1]

Wolverine-Bug at some point started a sentimental relationship with his teammate, Kitty-Bug. However, Colosso-Bug also felt impulses towarda Kitty-Bug;who felt the same toward Colosso-Bug, but was in a relation with Wolverine-Bug. During the event known as Secret Furs, the X-Bugs and other super-powered inhabitants of Larval Earth were transported to an artificially-created world created by the Bee-Yonder. Colosso-Bug tried to convince Kitty-Bug to elope with him, but Kitty-Bug was reluctant because their respective significant others were known for their jelousy. She nonetheless agreed to smooch Colosso-Bug…and they were caught during the act by Ororo-Bug and Wolverine-Bug! Ororo-Bug and Wolverine-Bug started a melee fight against Colosso-Bug and Kitty-Bug. The Bee-Yonder, who had planned to study interpersonal relationship between intelligent insects, monitored the X-Bugs during this.[2]


Wolverine-Bug has sharp claws like Wolverine (his counterpart).

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