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  • Mysterious Bugs

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  • Logan's Knife


Synopsis for "Wolverine: Agent of Atlas"

Cuba, 1958: Gorilla Man and M-11 retaliate against Logan after he attacked Jimmy Woo with a knife. Jimmy wants to hold them back because Logan did not slash him, but killed a rather large bug crawls along Woo’s neck instead. Woo immediately sends the dead bug up to his airplane, so that Marvel Boy and Venus can analyze it. Woo apologizes to Logan, and together, they walk in the direction of the revolutionary camp. They find Logan’s partner Hendricks, who greets them, accompanied by large versions of the bug Logan just killed earlier …

Solicit Synopsis

MARVEL DIGITAL COMICS EXCLUSIVE The jungles of Cuba, 1958: revolutionary forces work their way to overthrowing the government, while even stranger forces are at large. The FBI has sent Jimmy Woo's secret team of paranormals, the Agents of Atlas, to investigate. The crack team gets more than they bargained for when they cross paths with the mysterious operative known as "Logan"...!


This series was released as a Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive.

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