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Quote1.png This is a job. It's not me. I want to wear a uniform. Not a costume. So I'd rather stay Wolverine's student, if that's okay. Quote2.png
Sprite (Kitty Pryde)

Appearing in "The Substitute"

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  • Quoggoth Next Appearance of Quoggoth (First appearance)
  • Quoggoth's spawn (First appearance)

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  • Yacht (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "The Substitute"

The X-Men gather around a fire following their recent victory over Magneto (UXM 150). As the team settles in for the evening while Nightcrawler repairs Charles' yacht, a strang noise from deeper in the jungle startles the team. Professor X decides that this is the perfect reconaissance for Kitty Pryde, who prepares for the mission by burning her irrepairably damaged and shortlived rollerskating costume. However, when Wolverine steps into to join his mentee, Charles informs him that Cyclops will be leading the evening's lesson.

Kitty and Cyclops explore the Lovecraftian ruins of Island M in search of the mysterious noise from earlier. After a breif and awkward conversation, a usual occurence for Scott, Kitty discovers a little girl seemingly ship wrecked on the Atlantic island. The 'girl' suddenly sprouts tentacles and sucks Kitty underground to it's lair. Cyclops dives after her, but the creature is too swift and seperates the pair.

Deep underground, Kitty is introduced to her captor, the eldrich being Quoggoth. The specimen was trapped by its master, Shuma-Gorath, millions of years ago, and it offers Kitty freedom if she can send Cyclops to release them both from imprisonment. Cyclops manages to drop in at the last moment, and the duo air phase their way to the front entrance of the tomb.

After a heartfelt argument about teaching methods, Jean Grey, Wolverine and what it means to be an X-Man all while battling Quoggoth, Cycloops prepares to give his life to save Kitty's if only for the length of her last phase due to the magic sealing them in. Wolverine, however, releases the jewel locking the magically sealed doors and rescues his teammates. They place the jewel back just in time to seal away Quoggoth once again.

Back at the beach, Kitty informs Xavier of how the mission went. She then inquires about whether or not Cyclops will be taking over as his main teacher. When asked who she prefers, Kitty states that while Cyclops may be the most knowledgable and longest serving X-Man, she feels she needs the worldliness of Wolverine to avoid the stoicism that plagues Scott.

Solicit Synopsis

Cyclops returns to the X-Men!

Will Kitty Pryde continue her training with him, or with Wolverine?

Scott Summers and Logan duke it out over the right to be her mentor!


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