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Quote1.png I think it's worse than that. He lost a link to his past. And a guy like Wolverine... doesn't know how many of those he has left... Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Citadel"

Wolverine takes Kitty Pryde, along with the Blackbird (without Professor Xavier's permission) to the 'Great White North'. During the trip there, he recounts a mission from his days with Alpha Flight, as well as his a brief recounting of his first meeting with the Hudsons.

Flasback - As James Hudson briefs him about the hostage situation he will be handling, Wolverine selects the members of the task force he will be heading for the current mission: Snowbird, Aurora and Shaman. The quartet heads to their destination, La Citadel De Québec, with Aurora and Snowbird scouting ahead once their helicopter enters the general vicinity. The two women report that fourteen individuals with at least one superpowered being have taken multiple hostages within the 19th century fortress.

The team is assailed by Intelligence Branch Officer Kinney who reveals the hostages include the Govenor General, their new mission priority. Wolverine diverts the rest of his team towards the main entrance while he stealthily makes his way to the cellar where he suspects the Governer General is being held. With Snowbird in polar bear form leading the charge, the trio easily overwhelms the majority of the men guarding the hostages and discover a gruesome secret.

Meanwhile, Wolverine finds himself ambushed by Citadel, a veteran and Weapon Plus escapee who's entire body is encased in Adamantium. Wolverine chides himself for not recognizing the 'familiar' scent and finds himself overpowered by his opponent. Citadel reveals that both he and his comrades are succumbing to the toxic effects of the indestructible metal that has been forcibly grafted to their bodies and demands to know what the Governor General will do to keep them from revealing the government's actions against them.

At that moment, Snowbird manages to distract Citadel long enough for Wolverine to revive and ambush the Adamantium giant. Just when Wolverine is about to get a shred of information from his target about Weapon Plus, Kinney takes out Citadel with a neuro-taser before striking down Wolverine's pleas for knowledge about his past.

James managed to get Citadel transferred near Alpha Flight's HQ in order to recieve care from Shaman, but the Adamantium exoskeleton leaves only his eyes exposed for treatments. Shaman does reveal to Wolverine that while his healing factor keeps him alive, Adamantium poisoning could be the cause of his memory loss and berserker rages. Alpha Flight's founding member marches off to a meeting with a strange mutant expert, raging at the betrayal his government comitted against him.

Wolverine ends his flashback with the revelation that Kitty's phasing power could be the key to saving Citadel, but the duo arrives hours too late. Storm, Angel, Colossus and Nightcrawler touch down outside Alpha Flight's HQ in search of the two AWOL members of the team, only to have Kitty reveal a somber Wolverine mourning both a fellow Weapon Plus victim and one of the few remaining links to his past.

Solicit Synopsis

You must immediately pursue Wolverine into Canada!

He has defected back to ALPHA FLIGHT...and taken Kitty Pryde with him!


  • This issue has Wolverine tendering his resignation to Colonel Kinney. Originally[1] (and in other flashbacks), Gen. Chasen is the officer to whom Wolverine resigned.


Baptiste the goat is actually the mascot of the Royal 22e Regiment of the Canadian Forces.

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