Quote1.png I think it's worse than that. He lost a link to his past. And a guy like Wolverine... doesn't know how many of those he has left... Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Citadel"

Wolverine takes Kitty Pryde, along with the Blackbird (without Professor Xavier's permission) to the 'Great White North'. During the trip there, he recounts a tale from his days with Alpha Flight.

Solicit Synopsis

You must immediately pursue Wolverine into Canada!

He has defected back to ALPHA FLIGHT...and taken Kitty Pryde with him!


  • This issue has Wolverine tendering his resignation to Colonel Kinney. Originally[1] (and in other flashbacks), Gen. Chasen is the officer to whom Wolverine resigned.


Baptiste the goat is actually the mascot of the Royal 22e Regiment of the Canadian Forces.

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