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Appearing in "Little Girls"

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  • Hulk doll
  • Spidey doll


  • Wheelchair
  • Airplane

Synopsis for "Little Girls"

As the majority of the team heads out of the mansion to celebrate Sean Cassidy's recent trip back into the US, Wolverine hunkers down in front of the tv in preparation of seventh game of the Stanley Cup. He assures Charles that the three teenaged girls of the house - Kitty Pryde, Theresa Rourke and Michelle, or Amp, from issue Vol 1 1 - are more than capable of keeping an eye of young Illyana Rasputin, while a mysterious note passed between young Siryn and Colossus catches Kitty's eye.

At Theresa's urging, Kitty shows the trio of guests the Danger Room and sets it to run the earliest training sequence possible after further prodding. With Amp's emotion powers unable to affect the robot recreations of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she focuses her enery on defend Illyana while Kitty and Theresa hold robot combatants at bay. Illyana accidentally summons one of her stepping discs and teleports onto the Danger Room controls, pausing the robots for just 60 seconds. She unknowingly uses her power to return to her older caretakers, and the foursome head to see Kitty's room.

When the timer ticks down to zero, the robotic Brotherhood imitations head up to the ground level in search of new targets. However, the girls had already made their way up to Kitty's room to play a secret sharing game at Theresa's behest. In the ensuing moments, Theresa eases Kitty's concerns by revealing her crush on Moira MacTaggert's new intern, Dmitri, and enlisted Piotr's aid in crafting a letter in his native tongue. All is not at ease, however, once Michelle is informed of this budding romance by Theresa, who states that its okay since Dmitri is far too shaken by her unusual looks. She uses her power to manipulate Theresa into attacking Kitty, and the two young ladies crash into the living room as Wolvering quickly dispatches the robot invaders. Already in a berserker rage, the lone X-Man in the home turns to fight the two tussling teens when Amp steps in to calm everyone down.

After Logan shares a sweet moment with Michelle in regards to the hardships she faces with her appearance, the cadre of X-Men previously out to dinner arrive at the mansion and are greeted by a shushing Wolvering craddling a sleeping Amp among the wreckage of the living room. Theresa, Michelle, Sean and Moira make their way back to Muir Island, and on the plane, Amp informs Siryn that she's moved on from Dmitri to "bigger and better prospects": Wolverine!

Solicit Synopsis

TONIGHT! On a brand-new "When Teenage Mutant Girl Sleepovers Turn Deadly": SIRYN and KITTY PRYDE get into a no-holds-barred throwdown of a catfight over COLOSSUS's love, with WOLVERINE caught in the middle!

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