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Quote1.png Ever since I got my memories back, I've been after "them." For what "they" did to me. But it's not "them", is it, Seraph? It's him. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Return To Madripoor"

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Solicit Synopsis

Madripoor. A dirty town custom-made for dirty work.

A long time ago, one man ruled this place with an iron fist, a wicked grin…and a patch over one eye. That man is back, and he’s looking for answers.

Problem is, the answers are dying faster than he can ask the questions. Is there a new player in town…or is it the same old game?

Don’t miss Logan’s long-awaited return to Madripoor, a twisted tour leading from the blood-streaked gutters of Lowtown to the glittering, razor-sharp spires of Hightown and back again.

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