Quote1 Relax, little man. I'm not here for you. I'm here for the little boy. Quote2
-- Cyber

Appearing in "Swift and Terrible Pt. 3"

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Synopsis for "Swift and Terrible Pt. 3"

In Brussels, Belgium Wolverine starts a fire in a store after it is closed to set off an explosion. The explosion sets off the alarm in the bank beside the store. Wolverine saves a fireman that went into the store, and takes his equipment, he then goes back into the building, and uses the fireman's axe and brakes a hole in the wall to get inside the bank. Wolverine is at the bank to retrueve the carbonadium synthesizer. While in the bank vault the door closes, Wolverine looks around but there is no one there, and then he smells the air but there is no scent, just like there was no scent in Berlin. Daken, Wolverine's son is inside the vault with him. Wolverine and Daken fight inside the vault. during the fight Wolverine cuts Daken. Daken almost loses control but tells himself that he is control and hes not like Wolverine. Wolverine uses this and attacks, but Daken cuts Wolverine's throat. Wolverine has lost the fight. As Wolverine is laying on the floor, Cyber walks into the bank vault.

Solicit Synopsis

In a battle between son and father, Logan must use the Carbonadium Synthesizer to combat his son’s healing factor. Can the son of Wolverine be stopped?

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