Quote1.png Shouldn't lose yer temper......Wade. Makes ya stupid. Er. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "The Deep End: Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • SFPD
    • Detective Michelin (Only appearance)[1]


Other Characters:

  • Joe (Only appearance)[1]
  • Two construction workers

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Deep End: Part 1"

Wolverine is sitting inside a restaurant in Chinatown, and he opens.a fortune cookie and finds that the note just says one word: duck. He changes into his costume and approaches the cooked duck on a nearby table, and is alarmed to find an explosive sticking out of it. Outside, on a nearby rooftop, Deadpool activates the explosive, and the restaurant explodes. Wolverine flies through the glass and lands in the street. Deadpool swings down to meet him, and explains that he's here to kill the mutant. Deadpool pulls a gun on him, but begins hallucinating, and in his mind, he sees the whole thing is a cartoon, and Wolverine as a sniveling coward. Wolverine pops his claws, and slices at Deadpool's face, snapping the mercenary back to reality. Wolverine kicks him in the face, and he draws one of his katana, and fires his gun at Wolverine. Wolverine easily dodges Deadpool's wildly fired bullets, and he lands a lucky punch on the mercenary's stomach. He kicks him while he's down, but Deadpool throws a spiky explosive disc into his arm. The blast sends him flying into a store window, and Deadpool follows him inside.

Deadpool takes the elevator, and scares the other man inside. The man hurries out, and Wolverine's claws cut through the elevator roof and stab Deadpool in the shoulder. He pulls the mercenary up through the hole and into the shaft, and begins mercilessly punching him. Wolverine is about to end it when he notices Deadpool has dropped several pines grenades on the roof with them. He quickly drops into the elevator and runs out of the store, taking some street clothes with him, just in time before the grades blow up the store, with Deadpool still inside. Outside, the San Francisco Police Department has gathered, and Detective Michelin sends a SWAT team inside. All they find is Deadpool's empty uniform on a mannequin. Meanwhile, Deadpool, costume less and in street clothes, has taken the nurses inside the ambulance outside hostage, and hijacked the vehicle. He cuts them free and lets them go, and one of them tells him that he has some serious injuries. Wolverine appears behind the vehicle, threatening to do worse. Deadpool starts driving, but Wolverine is able to grab hold of him through the ambulance window. Deadpool hits the breaks, sending Wolverine into another car. Wolverine jumps back onto the ambulance roof and starts cutting his way inside, ut Deadpool hits the breaks again and Wolverine flies off and lands on the sidewalk. Inside the ambulance, Deadpool, is stunned that his plan actually worked. On top of the building next to them, two construction workers are lifting a large piano with a crane, but one worker tells the other that he has bee paid off to drop the piano at this time, and that he'll plot the money with the other man. The two men release the piano, and it falls to the sidewalk below, and Wolverine is right under it.

The story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

  • He’s a born killer, highly trained in the art of violence. He’s a man out of time, living without fear of death.
  • He’s the best there is at what he does...and he's about to do it to Wolverine. Enter: Deadpool!


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