Quote1.png An' Wade? If you can hear me......listen up: This was what it was-- there ain't no money. An' maybe you could'a taken me out, maybe not. I don't give a damn an' neither should you. But if ya come gunnin' for me like this again. I'll kill ya. Then I'll cut ya up into pieces an' eat ya. Like to see ya come back from that... Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "The Deep End: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Deep End: Conclusion"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Deadpool isn’t getting paid to deliver a prisoner—he’s getting paid to take Logan out, once and for all.
  • But is that even possible? Deadpool has found a way, but just as he’s about to pull the trigger…a trap springs!

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