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Quote1.png Bad news, bub... this little get-together just went from interrogation to execution. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Original Sin: Part III of V"

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Synopsis for "Original Sin: Part III of V"

Wolverine is battling the three members of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, who believe he was sent by Sebastian Shaw to kill them. A bomb Wolverine planted destroys the Club’s psychic shield, which allows Professor Xavier to probe the Club and provides the distraction he needs to gain the upper hand. He kills Peter Scholl, then sets upon Castlemere, who dies when Sandra Morgan hits both of them with a high concentration of her energy blasts. Morgan escapes before Wolverine regains consciousness.

When Logan awakens, he goes to rendezvous with Xavier at a nearby cemetery. Xavier is outraged that Wolverine killed Castlemere and Scholl even though he knew - from the conversation he’d overheard previously - Daken wasn’t there. Wolverine says simply that they were bad guys, which prompts Xavier to ask why Logan thinks Daken should be saved. Wolverine reminds Xavier that Charles brought him into the X-Men because he needed a weapon; Shaw is doing the same thing now to Daken.

Suddenly, Hellfire soldiers approach and open fire on them. Wolverine takes them out and Xavier reads one’s mind. He learns that Shaw has been playing both sides in the dispute for control of the Hellfire Club, and confirms that Daken is a tool in this ploy. Wolverine again tells Xavier he has to intervene and block the “embedded programming” in Daken’s mind like he did for Logan years ago.

Solicit Synopsis

To find his son Daken, Wolverine fight his way through the Hellfire Club!


  • This issue's cover is an homage to that of X-Men #100.

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