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Quote1.png I forgive you Charles. I hope one day you can do the same for me. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Original Sin: Conclusion"

Wolverine tells Daken he won’t fight his own son, then sheaths his claws. Daken is more than happy to fight his father, and begins to lay in on him. Logan tells him not to stop, that he killed Daken’s mother. Logan then retreats inside his mind to the place he met Daken’s mother, Itsu - it was where Logan was most at peace, but it was also the location of the cabin where she was killed. In his mind, Wolverine enters the cabin to find Charles Xavier waiting for him.

Xavier reminds Wolverine that it was Romulus who gave the order to kill Itsu, sending the Winter Soldier to do the job. Logan says he knows all this already, then realizes that Daken is there, too, hearing this all for the first time. Xavier says that this cabin is a “telepathic triangulation” - Wolverine’s mind visits for peace, and Daken’s mind comes to fuel his rage. They move outside the cabin, and Wolverine shows a subdued Daken an image of his mother, and Daken begins to accept the truth that his father was not responsible for her death.

In the physical world, Sebastian Shaw enters the lab to find a wounded Miss Sinister struggling to stand and Xavier, Daken, and Wolverine all unresponsive in a psychic trance. Claudine runs off to a docked boat as Shaw raises a block of debris over his head, preparing to kill the prone Xavier. Before he can, though, Daken awakes and stabs him in the back. He then kicks Shaw out a window and down to the rocks below.

Wolverine then offers Daken the chance for revenge against Romulus, and father and son walk off together.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The groundbreaking conclusion to ORIGINAL SIN is here!
  • Wolverine’s battle with the Hellfire club reaches its climax and Professor X is one step closer to uncovering the dark secrets locked away inside Logan’s mind!

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