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Quote1 Listen to him, Summers. Give Daken to me. You can keep the blade, just...give me my son. Please. Quote2

Appearing in "Weapon XI: Part 2"

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Prototype aircraft

Synopsis for "Weapon XI: Part 2"

The X-Men arrive close to the place that Daken has been using as his apartment, and which is also the house of an arms smuggler called Allesandro Vollara.

Cyclops tells the team to place themselves close to wait for Daken's arrival, because Emma won't be helping them to locate him this time. Meanwhile Emma Frost speaks to Norman Osborn and asks him to recall Daken, reminding him the pact of non-aggression they both had. Osborn tells Frost that he's curious about Daken's motive to lure the X-Men in.

Nick Fury and Wolverine are above in the SHIELD vehicle, rushing to stop Summers giving Daken the Muramasa Blade. Logan jumps from the plane into the midst of the action, while his son activates the traps he put in place to defeat the X-Men. Using a decoy, he manages to stab Nightcrawler, drown Colossus, knock Cyclops out and disable Armor and Cannonball. Just when Daken is about to decapitate Cyclops, Wolverine arrives and stabs his son in the arm and recovers the blade. Summers recovers himself and shoots an optic blast at Daken and Logan.

As he takes the blade and Daken to the ship, Logan ask Cyclops to take the blade but give him his son. While Cyclops considers it, Daken wakes up and stabs Summers in the leg, takes the Muramasa Blade and prepares to remove Summers' head while Wolverine jumps to stop him.

Solicit Synopsis


A DARK REIGN TIE-IN! Daken battles the X-Men for possession of the deadly Muramasa Blade! Can Wolverine stop him, or is Daken’s fate sealed? Is he, like his father, destined to become a weapon? Part (2 of 5)

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