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Quote1.png of your is nothing but selfishness, Logan! You force yourself to believe that Daken can be saved because-- Quote2.png

Appearing in "Weapon XI: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Weapon XI: Part 3"

A lifetime ago, Wolverine came to Muramasa after his wife Itsu Akihiro had been murdered, so he could help him get revenge. Using a piece of Wolverine's soul he forged a blade capable of cutting almost any substance.

Now in the present Logan is facing the same blade, but now in the hands of his son. As Daken and Wolverine start to fight, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Cannonball manage to take the blade from Daken's hand. Unfortunately for them, before Cyclops can reach the sword Daken recovers only to be hit by Armor who wasn't affected by the sword cause the psychic shield that protects her is powered by her ancestors' memories. There is an explosion and Logan wakes up to see the blade was broken and his son has took the pieces with him.

Later it is seen that Daken has a meeting with the Tinkerer who is one of the 4 people in the world that can fuse the blade through his claws.

Wolverine is seen following his son when he's attacked by Victor Hudson, who was born blind and mute.

Solicit Synopsis

During the Cold War a powerful weapon was forged. The world has since changed, and so, too, must the weapon that could one day destroy it.

  • Evolution cannot be stopped, but Wolverine is going to try.

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