Quote1.png Daken must've been here. Somewhere. Romulus set it up--put Daken and Tinkerer together. Victor...Victor is security. Makin' sure I stay clear. Victor is Romulus' man on the ground, makin' sure it all goes according to plan. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "Weapon XI: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Weapon XI: Conclusion"

Wolverine is dreaming of Daken being subjected to the Weapon X testing, by him. He then wakes up groggy after being beaten by Victor and immediately starts to track his scent hoping to get to his son before he undergoes the process. In order to do so, Wolverine gives in to his primal side and goes into hunt mode.

Then we see Daken and the Tinkerer preparing to coat Daken’s claws with the metal of the Muramasa Blade that was shattered. Altough the blade is really made of a plasmic form disquising as metal, it could be treated as such. Because if the Muramasa touches part of Daken soft tissue it will kill him negating his healing power, the Tinkerer has to anchor Daken’s claws to an Adamantium sheath and even then they will not be very durable since they are not bonded to him. The Tinkerer begins the surgery.

Wolverine catches up to Victor and is getting tossed around. Just when Wolverine is going in for the kill, a policeman steps in and interrupts them. Logan manages to restrain himself and not kill the officer and heads off after Victor again. He catches Victor on a subway train but instead of giving into the rage and fighting, he separates the cars so he can find his son.

However, Wolverine arrives too late. Daken has already undergone the procedure and it was a success. Daken’s inside claw on each hand is now coated in the mystical metal. After a brief struggle, Daken reveals that he got the claws with the intention of using them on Romulus who is on the train. Wolverine tells his son that he let Romulus go when he split up the cars. Daken stabs his father through the chest but does not use the new claws allowing Wolverine to heal the damage.

Wolverine then vows to stop at nothing to track Romulus down, and Omega Red is being transferred to a new Russian prison.

Solicit Synopsis

Wolverine races to stop Daken from undergoing the procedure that will turn him into the ultimate weapon!

  • But will saving his son’s life cost him his own?


  • Marvel Soliciations for May 2009: State that this issue is part 4 of 5, when in actual it is the conclusion to the story arc.
  • Both Daken's inside claws are coated in the mystical metal, and his other four claws are bone.

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