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Quote1.png I was lookin' so hard for a hidden connection......I missed the most obvious one. I've been set up. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Romulus: Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Oleg Konstantinov, defense minister
  • Lavrinenno (Death)
  • Unnamed Prisoner (Death)
  • Alfons (Death)
  • Alfons' partner (Death)
  • Unnamed Police Officer
  • Romulus (Shadow only)




Synopsis for "Romulus: Part 1"

At Vutluga Prison, Russia, the warden reports that there have only been seventeen incidents, and that the prisoners were all listless. Many prisoners have complained of feeling drained; and that no incidents within the solitary confinement unit, and that Omega Red begin sent here, was somehow had been done by unknown forces that should never be known.

Meanwhile, Lavrinenno relays information to the Defense Minister Konstantinov--that Wolverine has been following him & Wolverine tells Konstantinvo that he has been watching him. Wolverine then decapitates Lavrinenno & tells him "That's all you should be worryin' about."

In a motel room, Wolverine is spying on Victor Hudson, however Victor knows that Wolverine has been following him ever-since New York. He tried giving Wolverine the slip, but Wolverine had gotten his scent. "Victor is Romulus's right-hand man, and that he is perfect for the job--having been born blind and mute. And now that Daken is occupied, nothing can stop me now---and there ain't nothing Romulus can throw at me to stop me."

Meanwhile, at Vutluga Prison, an old man with aids brings Omega Red, and Omega Red teases the man with aids.

In Amsterdam, a couple of men find the Carbonadium Synthesizer, one man kills the other, and a police officer kills the last one and takes the item back to the prison where Omega Red is being held. Romulus, then tells the police officer, that he will get what he deserves.

Wolverine continues to trail Victor Hudson and ends up following him to the Vutluga prison, finding the place reeking of death and not the natural kind. Wolverine then discovers he walked right into Romulus's trap. Victor Hudson then walks onto the train which Romulus is on. Meanwhile, Wolverine battles a rejuvenated Omega Red.

Solicit Synopsis

For over a century, he’s been hiding in the darkest shadows of Wolverine’s life, controlling the beast and destroying the man.

  • But now, finally, the tide is turning…and Wolverine’s vengeance is within reach!

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