Quote1.png Man, I hate you. Something like that. What you just went through. I hate you for that. I really, really hate you, man! And I'm not just saying that because people think you're so ##### cool! I'm not just saying it because I've been robbed of every physical sensation! I'm not saying it because you've lived so long and felt so much! I hate you because you breathe! I hate you because you're warm! I hate you because you have people you care about! So I'm gonna take all that away from you, man. Chew it up, suck it dry, spit it back in your face. It doesn't make you happy anyway, so give it to me, ####! Quote2.png
-- Scavenger

Appearing in "Contagion - Chapter Four: All That Life"

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Synopsis for "Contagion - Chapter Four: All That Life"

Wolverine has been captured by a tale pale man named Winsor who collects unkillable beings and tests them with an array of deadly viruses, diseases and cancers that breed inside his body.

Winsor does this for his son, the product of generations of inbreeding, in the hopes of finding a cure for his condition.

He makes Wolverine an offer: put the child out of his misery, or allow him to test Wolverine's healing abiities to create a cure. Wolverine chooses the latter, the child is strapped with an explosive collar, and Winsor begins the experiments.

The latest and most vicious of these is giving Wolverine an allergy to Adamantium, the unbreakable metal that his entire skeleton is laced with.

Solicit Synopsis

It's been a long night for Logan. Tortured by a sadist with three-thousand years experience in the art, his life force consumed and his soul flayed, it's all enough to make Wolverine kind of, well, grumpy. But the worst is yet to come...as Logan discovers Contagion's master plan. It's a doozy and it will change the way you look at Wolverine.

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