Quote1 Winsor, by the way, has taken a new name. Contagion. Appropriately evocative, and obviously something he's been daydreaming since the age of five. Contagion he infected us all. To Flip, his own son, he gave a literal infection. The rest of us he infected with satiation of our desires. For Slaughter: Money, Power, Food. For Suicide: To die, to Sleep, and so on. For Yi Yang: New Experiences. For Scavenger: Bodies to feed him physical sensation. For Marjorie: Knowledge to help her become a savior of the future. For Madcap: A venue that caters to his beliefs. And for myself: Filth in which to balm my fair intentions. Quote2
-- Mortigan Goth

Appearing in "Contagion - Chapter Six: The Tortures of Good Deeds"

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  • Hunter's Point


  • Brink's pistol

Synopsis for "Contagion - Chapter Six: The Tortures of Good Deeds"

Wolverine's mutant power, the ability to heal from any wound or sickness, put him square in the sights of a man named Winsor, who captured Logan for a specific purpose.

Winsor's own body was capable of producing and incubating virulent diseases and terrible Bioweapons. Winsor infected Logan with every virus, bacteria and illness known to man, as well as inflicting horrible physical wounds on his body, in an attempt to test the extreme limits of Wolverine's healing factor.

Logan managed to escape and kill his captor, but with Winsor "died" should be "(DEAD)" the secret of what he was trying to achieve with his mad experiments.

Wolverine's healing factor has been pushed to its absolute limits. He barely manages to make it back to X-Men headquarters.

Solicit Synopsis

Wolverine's healing factor has gotten him through some tough times, but it's limits are put to the test when he's caught by Contagion, a man nurturing a deadly obsesson with unkillable mutants. However when Logan discovers the true purpose behind the torturous experiments he'll wish he could have died on the slab.

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