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Quote1.png You're finished here, you fat tub o'dirt. You mark me well, 'cause I never been so serious -- I see your ugly face in mine ever again, you're a dead man! Quote2.png
-- Logan

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Synopsis for "Revelation"

A few years have apparently passed and as Logan spends his time hunting with the local wolf pack, Rose is becoming romantically involved with Smitty, apparently to the disapproval of Logan. Smitty later assigns Logan as his new dynamite handler which Logan actually enjoys. Logan begins to enjoy camp life and is a favorite amongst everyone, except Cookie. One night Cookie sneaks off and shortens some fuses on the dynamite in hopes it will get rid of this kid, now having been given the nickname Wolverine, who he sees as stealing all of his friends away from him. A short time later, a cave in happens due to the mis-timed explosives, but even though several men die in the cave-in, Logan is not only a survivor, but a hero as he manages to save a young boy as well. Later on, Smitty gives him a manuscript from Japan that he picked up on one of his many travels as a former sailor, and explains that it is about the Samurai, which reminds him of Logan. That evening Logan discovers Cookie plundering through the cabin of one of the recently killed miners. Logan finally unleashes his pent up fury for Cookie and beats him until he promises to admit what he had done. As he returns to his cabin, he sees Rose and Smitty kissing which causes him to run away in rage into the woods where he eventually fights with the lead wolf and defeats him. In the next scene, Logan's grandfather is seen in his bed talking to someone about finding his grandson, James. He tells him about where they went and makes him promise to find him. The other man turns out to be Dog Logan, now an adult, but sporting the same savage scars across his face. He swears to Mr. Howlett that he will hunt him to the ends of the earth.

Solicit Synopsis

When his enemy traps him in a cave-in, Logan learns how much his body can endure. And when Rose finds love with another, he learns what his heart can’t. Now, an old enemy is on the way to find out what will kill him!


  • Smitty gives Logan a manuscript about Samurai fighters.


  • During this issue, Logan is first given the moniquer of Wolverine.
  • Origin was adapted in a motion comic mini-series comprised of 6 episodes called Wolverine Origin. The mini-series was created by Marvel Knights Animation and released by Shout! Factory on DVD in July 09, 2013.

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