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Synopsis for "The Adamantium Men, Part 5"

Logan is freed from HAMMER custody by an agent who has a history with himself and Maverick; Wolverine uses an assault chopper to attack the oil rig where Strikeforce X is hiding out and blasts them all out of the water; Blackguard loses its shot at a contract that would allow them to make adamantium soldiers for the government; Agent Jacks deletes the intel that Blackguard used to make Strikeforce X which gets her into very hot water with her boss, Norman Osborn; Maverick tracks down the man who sold the Weapon X process to Blackguard and takes him out.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE ADAMANTIUM MEN” The saga of "The Adamantium Men" comes to its heart-stopping and flesh-slicing conclusion. The Chief Executive of Blackguard wants Wolverine dead, and he has a whole squad of laser-clawed super soldiers ready to do the job. When a final confrontation is set-up, how can Wolvie resist the chance to show up and take them all down, even if it's a fight he can't possibly win? Part 5 (of 5)

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