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Kitty Pryde

Appearing in "More Pencils, More Books, More Teachers' Dirty Looks"

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Synopsis for "More Pencils, More Books, More Teachers' Dirty Looks"

The Jean Grey School is attacked by Swarm but Krakoa and the Bamfs quickly defeat it. Meanwhile, Kitty has begun looking for new candidates for teaching positions at the school, noticing the increase in enrollment. The first candidate is Blade, but Kitty dismisses him.

Meanwhile, Iceman, Idie, Quire and Evan are helping attend a group of alien refugees in a S.W.O.R.D.-sponsored relief center. These aliens come from planets destroyed by the Phoenix Force. Idie expresses cynicism at the school's mission of changing things for the better, lamenting what happened to Professor X and Broo.

At the same time, Beast and Abigail Brand have begun treating Broo. Beast shrinks down to microscopic size to remove all foreign material from Broo's skull. Although the damaged areas have started healing, Broo has been unresponsive. Beast seeks advise from Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark and Peter Parker about Broo's condition, but so far they have gotten nowhere.

Wolverine and Rachel have been tracking down Broo's attacker in Salem Center.

While the new teaching candidates continue, Husk talks with Toad about her decision to quit being a teacher. Toad wants to leave the school with her but Husk convinces him to stay. As he returns to his work, Toad angrily smashes Wolverine's portrait in the school hall.

Angel has returned to Worthington Industries to take back control of his company. The board of directors opposes this, but Matt Murdock, Angel's legal advisor, has obtained evidence that the executives were planning to illegal obtain control of the company. Also, Murdock has a detailed psychiatric evaluation validating Angel's mental competence. With the executives fired, Angel hires the studentes from his A.P. economics class, Armor, Anole, Blindfold and Bling!, as his new board of directors. However, Angel is not interested in leading the company; instead, he has a new calling.

As new students, such as Jia Jing and Trevor Hawkins, join the school, Kitty is still interviewing new teaching candidates, including Deadpool, who wants to join.

The Hellfire Club has set up a camp in the woods outside Salem Center. They have also covered their tracks, using their technology to confuse Wolverine's sense of smell and lead him down a fake trail. And right now, he has reached the end of it.

Wolverine has arrived to a field of empty graves with the names of the students written on the gravestones. All of them contain the epitaph: killed by the Hellfire Club. Wolverine decides no one will kill children around here. Not even him.

The teacher interviews come to a end when Kitty finds an ideal candidate: Storm.

Meanwhile, the Murder Circus arrives at Salem Center.

Solicit Synopsis

• The second year of the most talked-about new X-Book starts here! • One of the students is on death’s door and the faculty must 1) try to keep them alive and 2) find who did it! • With one of the teachers on the outs, a new one must be hired. Who will it be?

• Who is the new student at the school?

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